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Hello, we are an independent publishing house. We have a lot of books which we want to be translated. Normally, our books have done well in the American market. We look forward to signing new contracts with aspiring translators to publish books in foreign languages.


We'll love to post positive rating on the profiles of our fellow translators.

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(10b) A Basic Guide to Understanding Human Behavior
(62b) A Complete Guide to Instantly Analyze Anyone
(44b) A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Learn the Techniques
(58b) A Practical Guide to Human Psychology and Body Language to Instantly Connect
(41b) A Step by Step Guide to Understanding Body Language
(7b) Best Techniques to Analyze and Influence Anyone Using Body Language
(18b) Highly Effective Methods and Secret Techniques
(48b) How to understand and Attract a man using the Right
(55b) How to Analyze People- Learn the Secrets Methods and Psychological Techniques
(3b) How to Analyze People, Proven Techniques to Analyzing People
(45b) Improve Performance, Influence Others and Succeed in Life
(9b) How to Analyze People, Understand Human Behavior with Psychology
(13b) Learn How to Stop Procrastination through Improving
(39b) Master Human Psychology by Reading and How to Use It Effectively
(15b) Mastering Body Language to Become More Successful
(14b) Proven Body Language and Persuasion Methods
(60b) Proven Techniques to Analyze People Through Body Language
(43) Quickly Start Reading People, Analyze Body & Mind Language
(64b) Simple Tips to Become a Confident and Analyze People Successful
(57b) Successful Guide to Human Psychology, Body Language
(22b) The 10 Best Tips to Improve Your Body Language
(19b) The Advanced Guide to Make You Successful in Business
(42b) The Best Guide to Learn the Best Techniques and Methods
(21b) The Complete Guide to Body Language, Personality
(1b) The Perfect Guide to Learn How to Improve Your Conversation
(56b) The Quick & Simple Guide to Mastering Your Body Language
(8b) The Secrets of Being Comfortable, Confident and Great Result in Life
(46b) The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Human Psychology Body Language
(2b) The Ultimate Guide to Understand Body Language
(47b) The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Body Language
(61b) The Ultimate Intermediate Guide to Learn How to Analyze People
(49b) Ultimate Guide to Attract a Man Using Right Body Language
(6b) Understand the Art of Body Language, Personality Types
(4b) Understand the Secrets and Proven Techniques
(40b) Your Secret Language for Personal Success and Maximizing
(5b) Your Simple Guide to Attraction, Success to Become a Human Lie Detector
Buddhism Guide
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(224b) A Beginner's Guide on How to Increase Your Online Business
(223b) A Beginner's Guide to Making Money Online Business
(207b) Best Quick and Easy Ways on How to Start Making Money Online
(239b) 10 Highly Effective Ways to Earn Income Online
(259b) 100 Ways to Earn Extra Income for Business Online Tips
(266b) 140 ways to How you earn online money
(263b) 20 Ways to Make Money Business Online
(261b) 7-Proven Online Business and How to Earn Money Fast
(260b) 90 Ways to Make Money Online for Without Investment
(270b) A Beginners Guide to Starting Make Money Online
(228b) A Complete Guide to Develop a Successful Online Business
(204b) A Practical Guide on How to Make Money Fast
(208b) A Step by Step Guide to make money online quickly
(218b) A Successful Step-By-Step Guide for Make Money Online Women
(202b) A Winning Guide to Start Grow Your Money and Your Income Fast
(210b) An Easy Guide to Starting Your Make Money Online Work from Home
(216b) An Easy-To-Follow Guide on How to Make Money Online
(199b) Best 5 Ways to Make Money Online
(222b) Best Effective 20 Ways to Make Money Online
(231b) Best Ways to Make Money at Home
(262b) Business Ideas to Make Money Online
(229b) Business Ideas to Start Making Money Online
(236b) Effective Methods to Make More Money
(203b) How to Enjoy Your Time and Make Money
(227b) How to Make Extra Income from Home Online
(206b) How to Make Income Online Faster
(205b) How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Fiverr Arbitrage
(214b) How to Start an Internet Marketing Business
(238b) How to Start an Online Business & Passive Income
(233b) How to Start Making Money on the Internet
(226b) Increase Ideas of 45 Website for Make Money Online
(269b) Learn Proven and Easy to Use Strategies
(235b) Make Money by Starting Your Own Online Business
(234b) Make Money from the Comfort of Your Own House
(241b) Proven Ideas to Launch Your Online Business
(220b) Proven Ways to Make Money Online with Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, Ecomare,Ebay
(217b) Proven Ways to Start a Business and Make Money Online
(267b) Quick & Easy Way to Make Money Online
(200b) Secrets to Make Money Online at Home and Your Income Fast
( 213b) Start Your First Online Business
(237b) Start Your Work at Home Internet Marketing Business
(209b) Step-By-Step Guide to Make Money Online Fast for Beginners
(245b) The Best 10 Way to Make Money Business Online
(243b) The Best Beginners Guide for Making Money Online
(201b) The Best Proven 90 Ways to Make Money Online
(244b) The Best Strategy to Start Your Online Business Successfully
(232) The Complete Beginner's Guide to Make Money Online
(240b) The Quick and Easy Way to Make Real Money for Beginners
(219b) The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Sell Kindle Books for Make Money Online
(225b) The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Starting Make Money Online
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Achieve Calm State And Empower Your Soul (Meditation For Spiritual Journey)
Achieve Peace of Mind And Healthy Body With Mindfulness (Zen Spiritual Peace)
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Activate Your Chakras And Reduce Anxiety And Depression
Beginners Guide To Achieve Zen State And Relieve Yourself of Stress (Mindfulness Life)
Beginners Guide To Meditate And Reduce Stress (Achieve Peace And Spirituality)
Easy Guided Meditation Techniques To Increase Love (Happiness With Meditation)
Easy Meditate Techniques To Live Fulfilling Life (Stay Happy With Mindfulness)
Easy Mindfulness Techniques For Peace Filled Life (Reduce All Anxiety)
Guided Meditation Techniques To Grow Your Spiritual Level
Heal Using Mindfulness Meditation (Live Life of Happiness)
How To Meditate To Remove Anxiety And Depression (Mindfulness Techniques For People)
Improve Overall Healthy And Deepen Your Spirit To Remove Anxiety
Improve Your Focus With Simple Meditation Techniques (Beginners Buddhist Mindfulness)
Meditation Techniques To Achieve Zen State And Activate Chakras (Mindfulness Techniques)
Mindfulness For Beginners To Increase Confidence (Remove Depression From Your Life)
Mindfulness Techniques To Achieve Peace (Reduce Sress And Depression)
Mindfulness Techniques To Achieve Spirituality (Remove Anxiety Quickly)
Mindfulness Techniques To Increase Happiness (Relieve Yourself of Stress)
Mindfulness Techniques To Remove Depression (Reduce Stress And Anxiety in Life)
Reduce Depression And Increase Happiness (Guided Meditation Techniques)
Relax Your Body And Achieve Long Term Peace (Guided Meditation Techniques)
Relax Your Body To Achieve Peace of Soul (Remove Stress And Achieve Happiness)
Simple Meditation Techniques To Remove Depression (Fill Your Life With Happiness)
Simple Meditation Techniques To Stay Healthy And Happy (Life Without Anxiety)
Simple Ways To Meditate And Remove Depression (Be Calm With Meditation Techniques)
Ultimate Beginners Guide To Achieve Mindfulness And Achieve Zen State
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(40) A Best Complete Guide to a Happier & Positive Life Abundant with Love & Success
(35) A Best Guide to Overcome Negativity and Achieve Happiness
(32) A Complete Guide for Rapid Self Improvement and Rewiring Our Brains
(34) A Practical Guide to Understanding Yourself and the Power of a Positive Mindset
(36) A Ultimate Positive Thinking Guide and Positive Person for Best Life
(15) 300 Daily Affirmations Change for Life
(21) 80 Daily Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Life
(23) A Complete Guide Positive Thinking with Change Your Life
(51) A Guide to Personal Growth and Positive Thinking
(20) A Guide to Personal Growth to Achieve Your Goals and Succeed in Life
(38) A Guide to Reduce the Stress Power of and Positive Thinking to Handle Daily Life
(8) A Practical Guide and Happiness, Mindfulness and Positive Thinking
(1) A Practical Guide to 85 affirmations Quotes
(47) A Practical guide to overcoming negative emotions
(17) A Practical Guide to Overcoming Negative Thinking & Increase Your Happiness
(5) Best Power of Positive Thinking, Happiness, Affirmations, and Positive Psychology Life
(7) Best Ways to Increase Your Happiness and the Power of Mind
(52) Change Your Thinking and How to Positive Thinking Can Benefit
(50) Changing Your Thinking and Positive Thinking Secrets Power
(29) Develop a Positive Attitude and Stop Negative Thinking to Successful Life
(14) Develop Positive Thinking and Success and Motivation in Good Health
(11) Discover the Power of Positive Thinking and Change Your Life
(24) How to Be and Positive Thinking Techniques Power of Health Success
(30) How to Change Your Depression into Happiness and to Overcome Negativity
(4) How to Every Day Stop Negative Thoughts and Motivate
(55) How to Incorporate Positive Thinking and Improve Self-Esteem & More Confidence
(48) How to Overcome Negative Thinking and Achieve Happiness and Success
(16) How to Stop Negative Thinking and (Self Help)
(10) How to Stop Negative Thoughts, Build Good Habits and a Happy Successful Life
(49) How To Stop Worrying, Relieve Stress & Change Your Life
(3) How to Transform Your Mindset and Embrace the Power of Positive Thinking
(13) Increase Your Happiness and Powerful Thoughts for a Successful Life
(44) Learn How to Remove Negative Thinking and Replace and Master Life
(45) Master the Secret of Positive Thinking and Achieve Success for Life
(46) Positive Thinking for Happiness & Success in Your Life
(37) Positive Thinking to Achieve Your Goals and Overcome Fear and Optimism
(53) Positive Thinking to Successful Your Life
(6) Power of Positive Thinking and Change Your Mindset and Finding Success & Happiness
(12) Power of Positivity Activate and Leave Your Problem Behind Quickly
(18) Powerful Ways to Think & Speak Your Way to Success (Wealthy Life)
(31) Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Discipline Build Confidence
(54) The Best Methods Tricks and an Optimist for Life
(19) The Best Methods Tricks and Steps for a Successful a Enjoy Life
(22) The Definitive Guide on How to Change Your Life a Happiness Book
(33) The Definitive Guide to Improve Your Health and Happiness
(28) The Life Changing Effects of Having a Positive and Overcome Negativity
(2) The Most Efficient Guide on Positive and Mental Health
(41) The Power of Positive Thinking and Successful Life
(25) The Power of Right Thinking and Change Your Life Quickly
(42) The Ultimate Guide for Change Your Life & Learn the Secrets of Thinking Positive
(26) The Ultimate Guide to Discover the Secrets of Very Successful
(27) Transform Your Life Forever & Stop Negative Thoughts Happiness Positive
(9) Use Happiness to Empower Yourself and Change Your Best Life
(43) You Boost Confidence, Gain Strength and Achieve Your Goals
(39) Your Ultimate Skill to Reduce Stress, Negative Thoughts Successful Life
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(15b) 8 best proven Ways to Get A life that you desrve
(17b) A Beginner's Guide to Improving Your Productivity in Small Business Owners
(43b) A Beginner’s Guide On How To Boost Your Productivity
(99b) A Complete Guide to Become Extremely Productive
(90b) A Complete Guide to Disciplinary, Action Steps, and Habits
(9b) A Guide to Developing Your Grit and Increasing Your Productivity
(63b) A Permanent Solution to Increase Your Time with Productivity
(13b) A Practical Guide on Productivity, Building Efficient
(44b) A Practical Guide to Build Confidence, Improve Productivity
(26b) A Practical Guide to Mastering for Finding Productivity and Happiness
(211b) A quick and introductory guide to increase your productivity
(41b) A Simple Guide to an Unlimited Memory Improved
(27b) A Simple Step-By-Step Guidebook with Boosting Productivity
(62b) A Step-by-Step Guide to Increasing Productivity
(79b) A Ultimate Guide to Living a Productive Life
(60b) Achieve Your Goals and Transform Your Life with a Powerful
(1b) Best Habits to Master for Ultimate Productivity
(70b) Best Your Productivity by Achieving a Creative Mindset
(11b) Boost Energy, Enhance Creativity, Increase Productivity
(64b) Break Bad Habits That Are Ruin Your Time Management
(116b) Build Mental Toughness Maximize Productivity
(216b) Build Powerful Confidence Habits for a More Productive
(123b) Change Your Life with Powerful Anti-Procrastination Habits
(89b) Complete Guide to Become a Productive
(91b) Creative Problem Solving Techniques to Change Your Life
(93b) Daily Habits for Living the Good Life
(2b) Discover How the Mind Learns, Improve Memory
(85b) Easy Steps to Happier and More Productive
(71b) Easy Steps to Improve Your Productivity
(20b) Easy to Apply Tricks and Ideas to Increase Your Productivity
(83b) Effective Principles to overcome Demotivation
(4b) Everything you need to know to get your life
(107b) Get More Things Done in Your Life to Everybody Else
(42b) Get Things Done Faster and Become Master of Productivity
(80b) Habits That Work of Highly Successful life
(34b) Highly Effective Time and Productivity Tips
(94b) How Hack Laziness, Overcome Procrastination ,Boost Productivity
(40b) How to Stay Motivated , Get Motivated and Increase Your Productivity
(110b) How to Be Focused and Productive to Finally Get the Success
(45b) How to Be Productive and Achieve Your Dreams
(92b) How to Be Successful in Life with Organization
(78b) How to Build Good Habits, Increase Productivity
(35b) How to Build Lasting Habits for a Successful Life
(101b) How To Effectively Manage Your Time, Boost Productivity
(117b) How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life
(59b) How to Get Things Done Smarter Better & Fast
(103b) How to Increase Productivity and Get More Done
(82b) How to Motivate Yourself Productivity and Create
(121b) How to Regain Control of Your Time and Your Life Successful
(6b) How To Systemise Your Business Reduce your workload
(31b) Increase Day to Day Productivity in Your Life
(115b) Increase Productivity and Achieve Your Goals
(16b) Increase Productivity and Bring Positive Thinking into Your Life
(22b) Increase Productivity to Live a More Productive Life
(69b) Increase Retention and Be More Productive with Beginners
(77b) Increase your life Productivity with Life
(68b) Increase Your Productivity and Succeed in Life
(66b) Increase Your Productivity for Better Results
(81b) Learn Easy Techniques How to Improve Your Productivity
(97b) Learn How to Be Productive ,Stop Procrastinating Be More Successful
(98b) Learn How to Boost Your Productivity Be Stress Free
(106b) Learn How to Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency
(88b) Learn How to Master New Skills Faster
(114b) Learn Proven Skills and Techniques to Increase Productivity
(84b) Learn the Basic Techniques to Transform Your Life
(214b) Master the Powerful New Way to Organize Projects
(5b) Mindset, Money and Productivity Tips to Help
(58b) Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Time, Increase Productivity
(86b) Powerful Habits That Will Change Your Life
(109b) Powerful Simple Mini Habits to Boost Your
(14b) Powerful Techniques to Quickly Enhance Your Creative and Productivity
(122b) Productivity to Achieve Success and Great Result
(18b) Proven 40 Ways to Improve Productivity, and Achieve Your Goals
(37b) Proven Business Ideas for Life Changing Focus
(72b) Proven Mindset Techniques to Build Confidence
(8b) Proven Steps to Systemise Your Business and Become Profitable
(213b) Proven Strategies and Techniques for Increase Your Productivity
(65b) Proven Strategies to Manage Your Time, Increase Your Productivity
(24b) Proven Techniques to Increase Personal Productivity
(32b) Quick Ways to Increase Productivity for Manage Your Time
(33b) Quick Ways to Increase Productivity for Manage Your Time
(39) Secrets to Lose Weight, Increase Productivity, Save Money
(28b) Simple and Effective Time Management Techniques
(100b) Simple Secrets to Stress-Free Productivity
(218b) Simple Steps to into the Productivity Habits of Successful
(38b) Simple Strategies to Transform Your Mindset, Improve
(25b) Simple Super Effective Tactics to Increase Productivity
(102b) Simple Techniques to Develop Good Habits to Increase Success
(7b) Simple Ways to Program Yourself to Be More Confident
(3b) Step by Step Guide to Creating a Lifelong Habit
(108b) Successful Habits to Drastically Improve Your Life, Strategies
(120b) Take Control Of Your Life And Achieve Massive Success
(105b) Techniques on How to Faster and Improve Productivity
(61b) Techniques to Develop Good Habits to Increase Success and Productivity
(212b) The Best Step to Get the Most Out of Yourself and Take Control of Your Life
(23b) The Best Ways to Managing Your Mail
(67b) The Methods to Improve Your Organization and Grow Your Business
(10b) The Most Powerful and Proven Strategies to Stop Chasing Your Tail & Catch Red Dot
(96b) The Practical Guide to Multiply Your Productivity
(125b) The Transformative Power of Real Productivity and Own Self Discipline
(215b) The Ultimate Guide to become more productive
(119b) The Ultimate Guide to Being Productive
(21b) The Ultimate Guide to Learn Faster, Improve Your Habit Achieve Goals
(30b) The Ultimate Guide to Living a More Productive Life
(29b) The Ultimate Guide to Stress Free Increase Your Productivity
(217b) The Ultimate Time Management Guide with Techniques
(113) Tips to Organize and Improve Your Productivity
(36b) Ultimate Strategies for Self-Discipline, Productivity, Organization
(104b) Ways to Grow Your Business, Increase Your Productivity
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Iconic slow cooker recipes in five ingredients.
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All people have a few things in common, including the tendency to procrastinate instead of getting things done.
What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Today?
Facing stress? Feeling guilty?
Discover common myths about time management
Discover how to actually get things done and manage your to-dos!
An encouraging guide to helping parents find more happiness
Are you an introvert who has a hard time getting things done?
A new, updated and expanded edition
Are you an introvert who has a hard time getting things done?
Your dreams can coexist with your life
Are you you looking for a way to Get Everything Done
Do you want to save 4 HOURS a week?
Tired of feeling overwhelmed by your schedule and out of control?
Time management - unleash your success!
Get More for Your Efforts Right Away
Discover How To Be More Productive, Manage Your Daily Schedule And Get Things Done!
A Blueprint For Better Time Management!
First Things First is the gold standard for time management books
Are you living with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule and aching with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul?
Do you struggle to maintain punctuality?
A surprisingly simple way for students to master any subject
Get the skills to take control of your schedule
Increase productivity and get more done in less time starting today!
Take control of your life and create space to succeed
Manage your Life and Live stress free
Discover Essential Ways to Make the Most of Your Time
Skyrocket Your Productivity With This Simple, Proven Mind Hack!
Imagine if you could develop productivity habits
This is a comprehensive guide to learning about a wonderful technique called mind maps.
Discover The Best Weapons For Time Management
Discover How To Use Time Chunking To Streamline Your Workflow And Skyrocket Your Productivity!
A bold book that challenges many of our long-held beliefs about risk and reward
Wring every last drop of value out of your workday and rapidly conquer your biggest goals.
Get More for Your Efforts Right Away
A Powerful System for Effective Time Management
How to Manage Time and Achieve More in Life
How to Manage Time and Get More Done Faster Instantly!
Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life
Re-structure Your Day for Success - Exude pure confidence!
Stop doing busywork. Start doing your best work.
Unlock your time and creativity.
How can I increase my productivity and stop procrastination?
How to successfully navigate and prevent conflict
Incorporate effective time management and transform your life
The definitive account of the Scrum methodology from its co-creator
Maximize your day. Multiply your results.
Amazing Vegan Diet Recipes Easily (Adopt Vegan Lifestyle)
Fantastic And Delicious Vegan Recipes (Get Strong Muscle With Vegan Diet)
25 Vegan Recipes For Vegan Life (Includes Vegan Desserts)
25+ Vegan Recipes That Are Amazing (Build Muscle With Vegan Brunch Recipes)
30 Vegan Diet Recipes To Eat (Includes Amazing Recipes)
35 Vegan Recipes (Includes Vegan Sweets)
35 Vegan Recipes To Feel Fresh (Includes Cake Recipes)
35 Vegan Recipes To Just Eat All Day (Includes Barbeque Recipes)
35+ Vegetarian Recipes To Build Muscle And Get Lean (Healthy Vegan Recipes)
40 Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook (Heal Your Body And Get Fit)
40 Vegan Recipes To Make In An Hour (Lose Weight Without Fasting)
40+ Vegan Recipes To Stay Youthful And Fit (Build Muscle Without Exercise)
50+ Delicious Vegan Recipes (Includes Vegan Shakes)
70 Vegan Diet Nutritious Recipes To Cook (Enjoy Vegan Cuisine)
70 Vegan Diet Recipes To Be Healthy (Delicious Vegan Recipes To Build Strength)
80+ Delicious Low Carb Vegan Diet (Burn Fat To Be Fit)
80+ vegan diet recipes to make with pressure cooker (Build Muscle With Vegan Diet)
90 Vegan Recipes To Make Quickly (Vegan Diet For Fitness)
Achieve Weight Loss With Delicious Vegan Recipes (Includes Shakes)
Adopt Vegan Lifestyle And Be Lean And Fit (Be Healthy Without Fasting)
Amazing Delicious Vegan Meals (Includes Pressure Cooker Vegan Recipes)
Amazing Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook To Eat (Vegan Recipes For Lazy People)
Vegan Recipes You Will Like (Ultimate Vegan Cookbook)
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Beginners Guide To Build Lean Muscle And Get Strong (Boost Metabolism)
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Build Muscle And Lose Fat Easily (Healthy And Fit Vegan Lifestyle)
Delicious Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Recipes (Way of Vegan Life)
Delicious Healthy Vegan Shakes To Feel Refreshed (Get Strong With Vegan Life)
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Delicious Plant Based Recipes To Build Muscle (Amazing Vegan Recipes)
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Delicious Recipes To Detox Your Body (Simple Vegan Recipes)
Delicious Vegan Cuisine (Vegan Life To Boost Metabolism)
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Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes To Stay Healthy And Smart (Vegan Diet Forever)
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Delicious Vegan Recipes You Can Make (Enjoy Vegan Lifestyle)
Delicious Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook (Includes Sweet Recipes)
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Easy To Make Vegan Recipes (Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle)
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Protein Rich Recipes To Boost Meatbolism 9Build Lean Muscle)
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Refreshing Vegan Recipes Cookbook (Heal Your Body With Vegan Lifestyle)
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Simple Vegan Recipes (Includes Refreshing Shake Recipes)
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Ultimate Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook To Build Lean Muscle (Life of A Vegan)
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Vegan Diet Cookbook To Improve your Health (Includes Smoothies And Stews)
Vegan Life For Weight Loss (Get Super Strong Muscle)
Vegan Lifestyle Cookbook (Includes Breakfast, Lunch And Vegetarian Recipes)
Vegan Recipes For Bodybuilding To Feel Great (Build Strength)
Vegan Recipes To Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight (Vegan Diet Lifestyle)
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Vegan Recipes To Make Quickly (Simple House Vegan Recipes Cookbook)
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