Productivity: A Complete Guide to Disciplinary, Action Steps, and Habits by Dwane Michaels

(90b) A Complete Guide to Disciplinary, Action Steps, and Habits

Productivity: a complete guide to disciplinary, action steps, and habits


The consumer and consumer purchasing behavior are an important area of interest of many scientific disciplines. The process of economic decision making as well as consumption choices are connected with wider human activities. The terms of both consumer individual attitudes and group social behavior will influence group social behavior will influence consumer individual final consumption decision in every consumption choice process. 

This book is not only going to reveal the five keys to living a successful life, but I guide you through the beginning stages of a transformation. Because this book is more about the transformation of your life and execution of those keys, I will go ahead and disclose the five keys to you now.

Can you imagine yourself three months from now? How about one year from now? Where do you want to be? How do you want your life to look like? Because if that is not a good enough trigger for you, then you will need to find the motivation that will push you forward. Unless you want your life one year from now to look exactly the same. 

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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Procrastination is a common problem these days. When people procrastinate, they tend to waste time and fail to meet deadlines. They often delay taking any action which can be problematic in the long run, especially considering the fact that the world has become a highly competitive place. Procrastination usually results in high stress levels, feeling of guilt, as well as loss of personal productivity. What is worse is, when these feelings arise altogether, they further urge a person to procrastinate even more. 

Procrastination is quite a strange thing. People who procrastinate are also those who have exciting and wonderful visions of the future, but then they get so wrapped up in dealing with trivial or less-important matters that they fail to achieve their main objectives. This can be heartbreaking and lead to a high level of stress.

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