Vegan Diet: Increase Your Energy With Delicious Vegan Recipes (MUild Muscle And Strength) by Merlyn Gregory

Increase Your Energy With Delicious Vegan Recipes (MUild Muscle And Strength)

Vegan diet: increase your energy with delicious vegan recipes (muild muscle and strength)


Are you thinking vegan desserts? Maybe you are thinking soft, sweet and oh so yummy cupcakes If you found yourself looking at this book then you are possibly a vegan or you are looking for a vegan cupcakes cookbook. Yes vegans eat cupcakes-who doesn’t love cupcakes? Vegans are for healthy all natural sweet treats and that is exactly what this book aims to provide. 
Whether you are looking for a simple basic bread recipe, something savory or sweet, you’ll find a huge variety of different types of bread recipes in this recipe book. All vegan and all delicious. The recipes are divided into 3 categories. Unflavoredfor plain and simple bread, the most versatile. Savory for added deliciousness like, onion garlic bread, sundried tomato bread, onion olive bread, etc. And Sweet for the most incredible sweet flavored bread such as classic cinnamon bread, banana bread, chocolate bread, and many more.

The book provides famous recipes of the Southern and Northern Regions of India. It lists out a step-by-step guide to prepare the perfect Indian food in the most appropriate manner with the mention of accurate quantity, proportion of ingredients and time taken to prepare each cuisine listed. 

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Sample text:

Pancakes from whole wheat flour with chia seeds


Whole meal flour 250 g
Sugar 3 tablespoons
Baking powder 2 teaspoons
Soda 1 teaspoon
Salt ½ teaspoons
Lemon ½ pcs
Chia seeds 2 tablespoons
Buttermilk 2 cups
Egg 3 pieces
Butter 3 tablespoons
Maple syrup



Remove the lemon peel. Separate the proteins from the yolks.

In a large bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking powder, soda, salt, lemon zest and chia seeds. Set aside. In a medium bowl, combine buttermilk, egg yolks and melted butter.
With a hand or conventional mixer, whisk the egg whites at low speed until the foam, and then increase the speed and whisk them to a solid peak. Put it aside.

Add the liquid mixture to dry and mix thoroughly with a spatula.

Gently fold the beaten egg whites into the dough and mix them with a spatula. It is better to do this in several stages - first one part, then the other.
Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat.
When the oil starts to hiss, put the dough into a frying pan with a spoon. As soon as there are bubbles on the surface of the pancake - turn it to the other side. If necessary, adjust the temperature.



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