Productivity: Mindset, Money and Productivity Tips to Help by Maura Davis

(5b) Mindset, Money and Productivity Tips to Help

Productivity: mindset, money and productivity tips to help


The problem is that a little procrastination can go a long way. For many, it can be a real obstacle to leading a productive and successful life. According to the author, Robert Hensley, there are many causes for procrastination starting from the bias over certain tasks and ending by being too much of a perfectionist.

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It is important that you have the appropriate data at hand to be able to measure how your business is performing. This data could include how many of your website visitors convert to paying customers or how many of your current clients have purchased multiple products from you. It could be operational data such as the average time it takes to pick, prepare and pack an order.

Without a standard procedure in place, you will never truly be able to accurately monitor and evaluate how well you are performing. This is because tasks will be done differently by individual team members, so you will never have a concrete reference point to measure business performance against.

Having a standard procedure in place will give you more accurate data to monitor and evaluate what works, what doesn’t work, and why. You’ll be able to look at specific areas of the process and make small tweaks and changes to improve the process where required. You’ll be able to identify bottlenecks and points of friction that slow down output or extend production time.

You’ll be able to identify and remove unnecessary steps or stages in the process you have in place.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to optimize the system making your business better, faster and more efficient.

You’ll be able to do split tests to measure the progress of what you do. (I explain split tests in more detail in chapter 15 - Breaking the System.) Having a standard procedure in your business will help your team members and employees to operate effectively.

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