Meditation: Relax Your Body And Achieve Long Term Peace (Guided Meditation Techniques) by Alfred Treacy

Relax Your Body And Achieve Long Term Peace (Guided Meditation Techniques)

Meditation: relax your body and achieve long term peace (guided meditation techniques)


This book of Poetry helped me to relate to everyone and learned many lessons of patience, truth and or trust and consistency or constancy to a more loving level and humanistic level while in the 

With practice, the stillness enters us, and we begin to enjoy the spontaneous inner sense of serenity. Over time the stillness becomes the foundation of our perception and we look out on the world from our peaceful presence. Once we know this as our Self we can be free of the anxiety, doubt, disappointment, and fear, just being the watcher. This is Deep Peace. 
It might come as a surprise that consciousness, the Self, is the watcher of the mind. In this we can become the impartial witness of mental dramas, creating separation between the watcher and the chaos of ego. Fortunately, the mind begins to like the stillness, and the suffering evaporates due to lack of interest. In this we become truly happy and content.

The absurdity of that statement does not negate its truth. Humans live under the assumption that objective reality is what it seems to be, and we might call it 'common sense,' but no human actually experiences objective reality purely for what it is, and nothing about the human experience besides existence itself has yet been proven to be undoubtable.

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The idea that meditation is intended to clear the mind of the thoughts that clutters is technically correct, but that’s only part of the story, and has created a lot of confusion. The first thing you should understand is that while the goal of meditation is to free the mind of mental disturbances, the best method to get there is not actually attempting to think about nothing.

There are millions of people out there who believe they cannot meditate because they can’t stop thinking while they’re meditating. It’s perfectly normal to have thoughts flitting through your mind during meditation, and it’s an indication that you’re actually alive and human, which isn’t a bad thing. After all, no one needs another thing to worry about pointlessly. Tragically, many people will give up attempting to meditate due to this misleading idea that they need to stop thinking.

In meditation, you learn to identify with your core of self-awareness, or your Atman, rather than with your thoughts. If you do this correctly, something interesting can happen. The mind has been intended to think, so instead of just allowing it to run on pointlessly along all types of crazy trails, frequently worrying about stuff you’re not able to control, in meditation, you train yourself to focus on that single idea rather than many.

An effective way to do this is by using a mantra. A mantra is a phrase or word that’s usually in Sanskrit, which you repeat mentally, and this gives your mind a point of focus. It’s a simple but powerful technique to train the mind, and it’s been used in meditation for thousands of years.

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