Time Management: The management hacks by Jean Lerner

Unlock your time and creativity.

Time management: the management hacks


Self-help time management book focused on solving the most common time challenges in the workplace, including unclear priorities, information overload, interruptions and distractions, disorganized workspace, unproductive meetings, procrastination, trying to do it alone, and special challenges for those working from home. Easy-to-read, with an organized format that makes it easy to find the answers you’re looking for.

Productivity and Time Management success come down to basic simple mathematics. There are 24 workable hours in every day. Work 8 hours. Sleep 8 hours. What's left? 8 Hours. How do you be more productive and manage your time? You elevate your 8.

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Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management productivity, small business, time management system, procrastination, productivity

Word Count: 9010

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Sample text:

The difference between successful people and others is that successful people know how to manage their time. Managing your time is not a difficult feat at all. Managing your time is similar to how you manage your other resources. For instance, all of us are capable of managing our expenses when we have only fifty dollars in hand. Similarly, time management is all about doing the tasks assigned to you within the limited time you have. Feeling a little confident? Do not worry for by the end of this book, you will feel more confident about your capacity to manage your time.

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