Vegan Diet: Amazing Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook To Eat (Vegan Recipes For Lazy People) by Brenda Newman

Amazing Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook To Eat (Vegan Recipes For Lazy People)

Vegan diet: amazing vegan diet recipes cookbook to eat (vegan recipes for lazy people)


If you are on the lookout for simple vegan recipes that can be had as post and pre workout meals, then you have come to the right place! This book will serve as your vegan diet guide and leave you with simple recipes that can enhance your workout routine and help you develop the body of your dreams. 
We will also look at three simple calisthenics exercises that you can take up to achieve your weight loss goals. 

The recipes in the book are doable and affordable and are made with familiar ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store—no fancy, complicated, and expensive ingredient lists! The dishes are home-style, flavorful, and filling. With sixty-four delicious recipes and beautiful, full-color photographs, Vegan Dinner Party is the perfect cookbook for all of your friends, 

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Genre: COOKING / General

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Language: English

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Sample text:

Bring together, potatoes, two teaspoons cornstarch, salt and water to form a stiff batter.
Hereafter, put together coconut and brown sugar in another bowl.
Now, reform potato batters into small balls while forming a hole in the center and filling it with coconut mixture.
Meanwhile, close the holes and remake balls.
After this, throw in sesame seeds, then in remaining cornstarch.
Finally, heat oil in a deep utensil to three hundred seventy-five degrees F (one hundred ninety degrees C).
At last, brown fry balls in oil.
Now, take out and put on paper towels to serve.

One pound sweet potatoes-- cooked, peeled and mashed
Four teaspoons cornstarch, divided
One pinch salt
One tablespoon water
One cup shredded coconut
A half cup brown sugar
one cup sesame seeds
one and a half quarts oil for deep frying
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