Productivity: Increase Productivity and Bring Positive Thinking into Your Life by Richard Allen

(16b) Increase Productivity and Bring Positive Thinking into Your Life

Productivity: increase productivity and bring positive thinking into your life


If you have found that your life is stuck in the rut of all work and no play, then it’s time that you read this book, which will teach you how to turn your life around, so that your priorities are different, but you are still able to achieve everything that you truly want. Time Management hacks contained within the pages of this book could just change your life for the better. 

One such thing is the rise of the Internet, which has made it easier for people to lose focus on the tasks at hand. Many often prefer to waste time on their gadgets and smartphones rather than do their work. Staying focused and driven is becoming an increasing challenge now more than ever. 

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Sample text:

Making true and lasting changes in ourselves is a slow process. When it comes to seeing progress and measuring our success it is always a good idea to think about a series of very small, seemingly pointless successes rather than the final goal. 


For example, take the case of someone who wishes to quit smoking. If they only focus on never having a cigarette again, chances are they will not get very far. If they instead focus on skipping one or two smokes a day, they are establishing a habit of skipping a cigarette. It might not seem like a worthy accomplishment and it's no reason to throw a party but it accomplishes quite a bit. By skipping just one smoke a day to start, a person does several things:


They acknowledge that they need to change their behavior.

They are paying attention to a behavior that was previously un-scrutinized.

They experience what not smoking is like and can begin to get used to it.

They learn a lot about how they justify their decision to smoke and can enter into an honest dialogue with themselves about how they want to proceed cutting down on smoking.


Just by skipping one cigarette, a person can learn many things about themselves and in time, if there is enough dedication involved, skipping a cigarette can slowly expand to doing without one for a day or two and eventually stopping all together.


Thinking small shouldn't be taken as a reason to pat yourself on the back for every tiny accomplishment. It is a technique that allows you to slowly explore and acclimate to change. Making small changes and then taking stock of what you learned, then making a few more adjustments and changes allows you to build and establish new ways of behaving, rather than turning your whole world upside down all at once.


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