Productivity: Increase Your Productivity for Better Results by Dennis Branson

(66b) Increase Your Productivity for Better Results

Productivity: increase your productivity for better results


There are few things in life as satisfying as creating. That’s why it feels so horrible to feel stuck, tired, or unmotivated. After all, isn’t your passion supposed to be lighting you up? Then why does it feel so terrible to work on it? You get home from your job, knowing that you really should work on your business, art, or new idea, but you just can’t work up the energy. 

You're about to discover a step-by-step proven method to managing your time and being more productive, which will allow you to achieve your goals even further! I know what it's like being constantly busy and the stress and anxiety that comes along with it. What busy people lack is an effective system that will allow them to manage their time efficiently and stay organized. This audiobook will help you with that.

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Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management productivity, small business, time management system, procrastination, productivity

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Sample text:

Much like a regular review of your goals and vision is necessary to stay focused on the right path to achievement, your daily schedule needs to be reviewed and analyzed for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Businesses typically require employees to attend a weekly status meeting where assigned tasks are updated and new ones are assigned. Problems are identified and ideas are exchanged to guide the rest of the work week.

To be your most productive self, you should institute the same procedure. Typically, the best days to do your weekly status meeting are Sunday before your work week begins or Friday at the very end of your work week.

The process is simple. Review your daily to-do lists. List those items that were not completed the previous week. (None of your “A” items should still be unfinished).

In a process similar to your sleep list, create a new list by brainstorming your tasks for the next week. Do not include any of the incomplete items from your daily to-do lists. Identify the top 1-3 items that must get done during the following week. These items go at the top of your weekly status report.

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