Vegan Diet: Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes To Stay Healthy And Smart (Vegan Diet Forever) by Stephen Vocino

Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes To Stay Healthy And Smart (Vegan Diet Forever)

Vegan diet: delicious vegan diet recipes to stay healthy and smart (vegan diet forever)


This vegan cookbook contains a variety of easy to make soups, stews, chilies and other meals you can make using one pot or a slow cooker. These vegan one pot recipes are great for beginner vegan cooks, or vegans who do not have time to cook a complicated meal. All you have to do is add the ingredients into a pot and cook. 

There are many great reasons to try the vegan diet! One reason why many people choose to go on this diet is because it is because you will not be consuming any dairy products which contain animal hormones and fats. It is known that consuming dairy and meats can cause health problems like obesity, cancer and heart disease. The vegan diet is healthy because you will not be consuming high amounts of fat, and carcinogens that meat has been shown to contain.

If you're interested in trying your own hand at vegetarian or vegan gluten free cooking, this gluten free vegan cookbook is for you. Packed with gluten free vegan recipes, this is the perfect reference for anyone who wants to cut gluten, meat and dairy out of their diet and start preparing gluten free vegan meals.

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Sample text:


Cherry 1 handful
Bilberry 1 handful
Blackberry 1 handful
Raspberry 1 handful
Strawberry 1 handful
Plum 2-3 pieces
Figs 2-3 pieces
Lemon 1 piece



Wash berries and dry. Remove the bones from the cherry.

Cut all the ingredients in large pieces or leave whole. From the lemon squeeze the juice and pour the fruit.
Sprinkle with sugar. Put in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, covered with a film.




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