Time Management: How to manage your full day by Lisa Walsh

Manage your Life and Live stress free

Time management: how to manage your full day


Ever in your life wondered just how some small company owners and managers always seem cool and in control, frequently retreating early for weekends and having time for travel? But other business proprietors are constantly in crisis mode, fighting fires, attending to the tyranny of the urgent and working seventy hour weeks. Just about every excellent business coaching program sets major emphasis on personal time management techniques as one of the points that will assist a company owner to regain mastery of their company as well as their life.

If you are productive, you get a lot more done in less time and you can finish all your important tasks scheduled for the day. Productivity automatically increases your output and your chances of success. That’s not all; being productive helps you to improve your well-being and overall quality of life as well.

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Sometimes, goals can be very intimidating especially when they seem to be very big. If your goals seem monumental, break them into smaller chunks to make them less intimidating. Chunking your goals means breaking each goal into smaller achievable steps. It helps you to understand that smaller tasks can achieve a bigger goal. Furthermore, we are likely to procrastinate when you see something to be too big to be achieved; hence, end up wasting time. However, when you break down the goals, it seems like simple things that you can actually do and thus you get going.

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