Body Language: The Perfect Guide to Learn How to Improve Your Conversation by Fran Thomson

(1b) The Perfect Guide to Learn How to Improve Your Conversation

Body language: the perfect guide to learn how to improve your conversation


Do you struggle to get your point across to people? Do you ever feel like you are somehow weak and ineffectual in the way you communicate? Perhaps others just don't take you seriously. There is no easy fix for all of your problems. However, whatever those problems are, if social interaction is involved then a firm grip on the tenets of non-verbal communication can make it better. 

Trust me, body language is really that powerful. You should already know that human beings are constantly reading situations and other people so that, really quickly, they can know what category to put them in: low status, middle status, or high status.

If you could influence how others perceived you by making small adjustments, then you would have gained an invaluable tool for personal and business interactions.

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Sample text:

A lady may have combined emotions about you and may deliver combined alerts. This can be complicated, but there are two significant alerts to look out for: that they are interested or they are not interested. If you know which is yours and her’s, it will reduce the misunderstandings. In a mixture of alerts, you will be able to know if she is interested or not interested.

Also be advised that this guide concentrates on alerts sent during a date. So don’t get so thrilled and implement it in other circumstances, like at a casual day in your workplace or in a conference. For example, she might mess around with her hair because the room is too hot. It is not always about you. So always consider the scenario and atmosphere before studying a lady.

Signals of disinterest

When a lady is not that into you, she will display symptoms of disinterest. There are certain whole body motions and body language that display just that. If she brings them together then you are in a bit of a problem. Body 'languages' add up to highlight even more, the indication that they want to show. The most apparent would be traversing of hands and feet. Another way of being disinterested is not having indicated any body language at all, such as an empty concentrate. So there are many methods for a lady to show disinterest. But there are even more methods for her to let you know that she is interested.

Signals of interest

There are many types of things a women does to show interest. It can be on a perceptive, psychological or sex-related stage. There are many aspects that impact the stage of interest that she might have and there are many body language signs that could indicate this.

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