Positive Thinking: 80 Daily Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Life by Richard Bathla

(21) 80 Daily Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Life

Positive thinking: 80 daily inspirational quotes to change your life


In the Power of Your Words, Akwasi Maru reminds us of the power of the tongue and how to select encouraging words for success. This book is all about Positive Psychology. Some metaphysical knowledge will be discussed showing the relationship between the mind, your words, and our connection to the world. People may be unaware of the effect things they say may have on others and themselves, but this short, yet powerful book gives instructions to use your mind and your words to gain success in anything based on reality.

To develop mental strength, you need deliberate measures and commitment. A resilient mind is one that never loses focus even when subjected to the most stressful conditions. Mental toughness will help you maneuver through stress and emerge stronger than before. A mental attitude is the bridge that connects success and failure. On one end of the bridge is failure which is characterized by negativity while on the other end it is success which is denoted by a positive attitude. At any one given time, individuals are between the two points emotionally. 

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Sample text:

Negativity is the main reason why so many dreamers’ dreams diminish. Where do all the dreamers’ dreams go? Take the kid who dreamt of being a rock star but grew up to work in finance. How about the teacher who wanted to become a lawyer but due to the negative influencers in her life, took an easier route? Or how about the salesperson who wanted to be cast as Juliet in a featured Broadway show; singing, dancing, and giving her best performance on the Broadway stage each night? 


I had a friend by the name of D.O. tell me the other day that she wanted to be a best-selling author of comic books. As a young child she would always get into trouble because she would draw on almost everything in her house; sometimes even on the furniture. She loved the idea of creating characters from scratch and making them come alive. She dreamt of having a series of her comic book collections published in the New York Times. She even dreamt of her characters becoming cartoon characters on Disney. When I asked her why she didn’t pursue her dreams of becoming the big comic book writer, she said that, at the time, she had other influencers around her who thought it was a foolish dream to follow; she still regrets to this day not giving it a try. She ended up making a choice between working in the dental field, rather than chasing a dream that would have given her the utmost satisfaction. 


It’s amazing how negative thoughts can deteriorate the one thing we once treasured as children: our dreams. Any time a person places negative ideas or thoughts in our heads, we start doubting our own objectives. When negativity is freely roaming in our brains at full capacity, that’s when the real tug of war with positivity starts.  

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