Productivity: Increase Productivity to Live a More Productive Life by Mark Cooper

(22b) Increase Productivity to Live a More Productive Life

Productivity: increase productivity to live a more productive life


A messy house often results in an equally as messy mind, I speak from my own experience. When my house is messy, unorganized and full of clutter my productivity and overall happiness are generally quite low. These simple DIY Household Projects that I’m about to share with you have ensured that my house is always looking great and increasing in value.

If you have struggled with getting everything done in a day the way I have, these simple tips will ensure you don’t get bogged down anymore. Breaking free from old bad habits is never easy, so I’ll be divulging both the concepts and practical advice for implementation. Let’s get to it!

You will never quite know how many opportunities you have missed by lacking the self-discipline to truly follow through on your convictions.  Whether it’s attaining a new body, better job, or simply being more productive in life. All too often people fall short as they aren’t equipped with the right mental make-up and mind tricks to actually achieve it.

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Sample text:

By now, you must have realized that it is really not easy to undo an age-old habit. It takes a lot of your time and effort. We looked at how important it is to keep at it and practice things on a daily basis to make positive progress.

But your process of change from procrastination to productivity does not end with your progress. You must always have a follow-up in order to keep going. This can be monthly or quarterly, depending on when you would like to do it. To help you with following up on eliminating procrastination, there are certain things you need to do. One of these involves maintaining a journal.


The Power of Journaling

Here’s what you need to do:

Jot down your progress by writing down every little detail in a journal. Keep the journal with you at all times in case you need to jot down something. You can analyze the journal after a month or two.

Analyzing your progress can be quite a tough task. You will find it difficult to know if you are making progress, and so you must have someone who knows you well to help you out. 
Divide your tasks depending on their nature. Create separate lists for your personal, professional, and social tasks. If you club everything together, you will get confused and find it tough to keep track.

You can maintain different journals or simply split one journal into sections. You can make use of technology and maintain a digital journal. Use an app that will make it easy for you to jot down things.

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