Vegan Diet: Delicious Recipes To Detox Your Body (Simple Vegan Recipes) by Donna Ebah

Delicious Recipes To Detox Your Body (Simple Vegan Recipes)

Vegan diet: delicious recipes to detox your body (simple vegan recipes)


This recipe book provides not only a brief look at what a vegan is and the types of food that are included in the diet along with the nutrients and vitamins that they provide, but it also provides a good variety of recipes which every vegan prospective vegan needs to not only prevent them from becoming bored with the meal options but also to guarantee that they are getting the right mix of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. 

Whether you are thinking about trying out a vegan diet or have been at it for many years, this book is the manual for how you can properly meet your physiological needs, avoid the ravages of a poorly-designed vegetarian diet, and thrive. 

In an endless sea of pseudo-scientific and cultish vegetarian literature and propaganda, "The Vegan Solution" offers up real, sound, simple advice based on the scientific reality of our human needs and biological function. 
It’s a must-read for anyone attempting to follow a vegan diet.

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Sample text:



2 lbs yuba *

3 tsp white sugar

6 tsp vegetarian bouillon powder

Salt, to taste
Kelp granules, to taste

6 Tbsp arrowroot powder

1 ½ Tbsp sesame oil
Nori sheets

2 Tbsp arrowroot powder

2 Tbsp warm water






1)     Chop the yuba into small flakes, squeezing out any extra moisture. 

2)     Transfer the yuba to a large bowl and add sugar, bouillon powder, salt, kelp granules, arrowroot powder, and sesame oil. Mix well.

3)     Mix the glue.

4)     To assemble the fish: Lay a nori sheet onto a cutting board. Brush the sheet with the glue. Spoon about 1 cup of the 'fish' mixture on the bottom half of the nori sheet, leaving an extra ½” on the vacant side. Wet fingers and press the mixture firm. Fold the remaining sheet over the mound, sealing the ½” overlap with glue like an envelope. Your ends should be exposed.

5)     Repeat the process with remaining nori sheets until all the mixture is used.

6)     Steam the filet for 20-25 minutes.


**NOTE: Yuba is also called tofu skin, so you may need to ask for it under multiple names at your local Asian market.


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