Productivity: Daily Habits for Living the Good Life by Lilly Gilbert

(93b) Daily Habits for Living the Good Life

Productivity: daily habits for living the good life


This book is designed to teach people how reach their fullest potential and stay on task throughout the day/week/month/yearand develop mental toughness to overcome their worst enemy…themselves. I understand that it can be hard to find your focus throughout the day. Stop putting your important task aside and zone in on what you need to do.

These are not just empty complaints about today’s employees. American businesses are suffering from systemic burnout resulting in a widespread lack of creativity. But this unimaginative thinking doesn’t need to plague your workplace. With The Critical Thinking Toolkit, you and your team have everything you need to think quickly, analytically, and creatively.

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Sample text:


Being productive involves getting things done effectively. If you are going to get things done effectively, you will need to know what your goals are. It can be easier to be productive when you clearly know what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Telling yourself, “I need to get this done as soon as possible,” is not going to help you to become more productive.

Deadlines are unavoidable sometimes, but you will need motivation to make sure that you get things done by the time you reach those deadlines. Without anything good to hope for, you will end up going through life like a machine. 

A lot of people seem to favor productivity because they think it helps them to pay their bills. Being more productive can lead to more money in a shorter amount of time. Making more money in a shorter amount of time can make someone more likely to pay their bills on time. 

It's nice to be able to easily pay off all of your bills ahead of schedule, but it's better to have something other than paying the bills to look forward to. You might find it more difficult to be productive when all you have for motivation is to pay the bills.

Think back to your early childhood. You probably had dreams of doing special things and achieving special things. Did you really picture that you only existed in the future to pay off your bills? You most likely had plans that were fun to think about and exciting goals that kept you focused on your vision. You need to take the time to restore any excitement that you might have lost over the years.

Having a fear of not being able to pay the bills on time will provide most people with the necessary motivation to make money, but it won't necessarily provide someone with enough motivation to increase their productivity.

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