Positive Thinking: The Ultimate Guide to Discover the Secrets of Very Successful by Robert Wahba

(26) The Ultimate Guide to Discover the Secrets of Very Successful

Positive thinking: the ultimate guide to discover the secrets of  very successful


Are you tired of being bogged down by an old reoccurring habit that doesn't seem to budge? How many times have you told yourself that you’ll do better tomorrow, but then indulge yourself today? The next day comes, but you keep leaning on the same excuses. Why keep taking the endless route that forces you to fall short in your hopes of ever overcoming the baggage that holds you back in life? Don't allow this cycle of self-sabotage to keep you from pursuing your dreams.

In this path of change, already traveled by the author successfully, many themes will be discussed. From the approach to the world around us, to the work on ourselves, to the building of a strategy. This is the only possible route to get what we want in our life.

Being positive is directly connected to how you think. Positive thinking impacts your job, your health, your relationships, and your life in every way. It affects how you see things. When you are cheerful, pleased, and feel appreciated, you see added possibilities for your life.


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We deal with it by splitting life into two dimensions – the good and the bad. Humans eschew the uncertainty of in-between. Yet, that is where we live. We live in-between the past and the future. The past can sometimes be the realm of hurt minds, and the future is, as yet, hidden. We don’t live in a future tomorrow, because tomorrow means no more than now. It is today that we can begin to transform from a humble caterpillar of the past into a butterfly of the future.


According to the psychologist, Abraham Maslow, the most basic of human needs is the need for safety and security. Human energy is directed toward filling the need for security – a desperate need to create a framework upon which to plan a life. Therefore, people will conceptualize thoughts that will lead to actions and outcomes. 


Little babies are the only ones who see the world rightly. For them this is a place full of newness and experience, and the baby’s mind in filled with wonder and awe. The baby learns hope for the positive from the very beginning. He hopes for the thrill of enjoying his senses – the pleasure of the music of mobile above his crib, the beauty of a bird that flutters by his window, the sensations of touching a soft plush toy that shares his bed and the delicious taste of warm milk. He wants to explore all of this further, because it brings him happiness. He is naturally optimistic.

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