Positive Thinking: The Ultimate Guide for Change Your Life & Learn the Secrets of Thinking Positive by Lorena Kens

(42) The Ultimate Guide for Change Your Life & Learn the Secrets of Thinking Positive

Positive thinking: the ultimate guide for change your life & learn the secrets of thinking positive


A positive emotional and mental outlook on life circumstances, focusing on the bright side, is a result of positive thinking. It is the anticipation of seeking happiness, health, and your successes, whether they may be financial or in life relationships with others. Through the techniques of positive thinking you can improve your life, and achieve your dreams and goals for your future. This book is a brief introduction into the psychology behind positive thinking, reinforcing positive thoughts, controlling negative thinking, basic principles of creative visualization, and twelve fundamental techniques that promote positive thinking.

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These complaints are all too common in today's world of uncertainty and tension, and it's time we learned to take responsibility for ourselves.

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Have you thought about your thoughts? Does that question confuse you? Probably because you have not yet considered analyzing your own thought processes and how your mind takes you somewhere when you are confronted with unfamiliar things. Maybe you have wondered why a certain situation happened but have never asked yourself why and how you responded to that particular circumstance. A positive thinker does not only think about improving the situation but also deliberates on how to correct the attitude or the response towards it. This requires you to evaluate and later on, improve your way of thinking. Assessing your way of thinking is the first step towards acquiring a positive mindset. When you start to be conscious on how you respond to situations, you will be better in adapting and overcoming difficulties. And so knowing that you have the power to change the way you think, you would get a sense of security within yourself and would leave you unfazed no matter what you go through. Take note of a few tips to help you out in evaluating your own thoughts. 

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