Positive Thinking: The Power of Positive Thinking and Successful Life by Orly Blank

(41) The Power of Positive Thinking and Successful Life

Positive thinking: the power of positive thinking and successful life


This is one of the bestsellers that has greatly helped people from all walks of life realize how to live their lives in a happy and satisfying manner. With the practical steps shown in this book, you will have the power to bring energy back into your life and have the initiative to implement your hopes and ambitions.

How the difficult and challenging situations she faced in her early years became points of growth for her current life. How she transformed from a shy and unpopular girl that always felt ugly and uninteresting - to a confident, happy woman that is fulfilling her dream both professionally and personally.

 It will also explain why you may feel like you do not deserve happiness and will help you take steps to change your thought processes. Learn how to find your passion and purpose, how to turn a bad situation around, and how to embrace change.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Language: English

Keywords: positive thinking, happiness, self esteem, confidence, marriage, divorce, overcome shyness, fear, stress, Spiritual habits, bad habits, success, power, procrastinatio, self discipline, Successful, Mindset, habit stacking, potential, Focus, Pareto Principle, grit, discipline, productivity, focus

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Sample text:

that half-filled or half-empty glass of water says a lot about how we view circumstances. The way we respond to these circumstances is affected somehow by how we perceive the result. By simply changing the way we look at that glass and how it would benefit us, we are already gearing ourselves towards a more successful and positive mindset. People may say and may negatively dismiss it as being just “all in the mind” and it is true, but in a more positive connotation. The mind is a very powerful tool that would either take you places or land you stuck in a rut. The way we look at things and how we take action all starts from our head; it is a battlefield after all. Positive thinking is a state of mind where you try to teach yourself to perceive any situation as something of an asset or an advantage rather than a loss. It is a process of acquiring a certain viewpoint where all circumstances can be deemed as a great probability of success. It could be challenging to develop at first, but once it becomes a habit, you will be reaping all the benefits as listed down below.

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