Make money online: How to Enjoy Your Time and Make Money by Donnie David

(203b) How to Enjoy Your Time and Make Money

Make money online: how to enjoy your time and make money


If you lost your job tomorrow how long could you survive? month, months or maybe less. This book is a tool for you to set yourself up to have a steady cashflow. The beauty of this book is that each method can provide money for you all you have to do is put in the time and effort to get set up.

This book gives you online business ideas that you can get started with right away! The ideas are simple, to begin with, and can help you set up a strong foundation for your online business!
I’m sure there are a lot of books out there on passive income but none as informative as this one! 

One of the strong reasons of you wanting to make money online may even be that you want to quit your day job so that you can have all the freedom and lots of money from your home! Look no further! This book is all you need as it will give you all you need to make money online. - How to start a book review blog - Finding the perfect niche for your book review blog – how to make money from your blog – setting up your blog .You will get this entire plus much more! 

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Please Note - This is just one book. I have over 1000+ books in my arsenal. If one book can do this much imagine how much even 10 books could do for you. Just stay committed with our business model and I assure you that we all will make money!! Lot of it!!

Sample text:


Create additional products that solve problems your subscribers are having by sending them surveys to see what they would like to learn or solutions to problems they are having.


Use a free product like to create the survey and record the responses.

Then choose the winning issue, create the solution and sell them what they have asked you for!


In addition to this you can now create a multi step sales funnel promoting all your products to the people that request your free report as they should be very similar to the others on your list. Here is an example of a multi step sales funnel

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