Vegan Diet: 40 Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook (Heal Your Body And Get Fit) by Susan Lor

40 Vegan Diet Recipes Cookbook (Heal Your Body And Get Fit)

Vegan diet: 40 vegan diet recipes cookbook (heal your body and get fit)


vegan diet and the ketogenic diet in one book; losing the weight and still living healthy at the same time. Even though both diets seem like extreme opposites, it is very possible to eat your cake and still have it on the vegan ketogenic diet plan. This book will give you a rare insight into delicious vegan ketogenic diet recipes that will start you on the vegan keto journey without stress. 

Are you tired of store bought salad dressings packed with nothing but suspicious ingredients and preservatives? Would you like some fresh tasty dressings for your salads? 
How about making salad dressings from scratch, at home, with natural ingredients? But not just that! Recipes in this book do not contain oil, vinegar, dairy, and even mayonnaise! 
“But how is that possible? How would you even make a dressing without staple ingredients?” - you would ask. Well, let me show you the way to yummy, healthy dressings. 
All recipes are vegetarian, and will be perfect for those following a plant based diet. 

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Sample text:

Black Bean & Mixed Veggie Rice


Nutritional info: Calories 289, Fats 17 g, Protein 8 g, Carbohydrates 33 g.

Servings:  1     



1 can of canned black beans

½ c. mixed vegetables (diced carrots, onions and green beans)

¼ c. tomato puree

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 garlic clove (crushed)

Salt and pepper to taste

1/3 c. prepared brown rice

1 c. water

1 tsp. lime juice



1. Pour the oil into a medium sized frying pan heated over medium heat; sauté the vegetables with the garlic clove until softened and then add the beans. Mix well.

2. Add in the tomato puree, salt, pepper, lemon juice, rice and a cup of water.

3. Mix well; lower the heat, cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes so the flavors combine.

4. Remove the lid, stir for about 3 minutes and then serve.


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