Vegan Diet: Vegan Life For Weight Loss (Get Super Strong Muscle) by Susanne Smith

Vegan Life For Weight Loss (Get Super Strong Muscle)

Vegan diet: vegan life for weight loss (get super strong muscle)


This collection of slow cooker vegan recipes highlight the diversity that vegans can have with a little creativity in the kitchen. With the help of the handy slow-cooker, you can create easy, fuss-free meals that follow the guidelines of even the strictest vegan. 

It’s easy to start your day right when you have a hearty, healthy breakfast to look forward to. In this collection of vegan breakfast recipes, you can explore the amazing meals that you can make using vegetables, fruits, oats, beans and legumes. 

Create masterful and gourmet desserts that are completely vegan friendly. In this book of vegan dessert recipes, you will find a collection dairy and egg free recipes that highlight the diversity of options that vegans have. 

Following the strict dietary and ethical guidelines of the vegan diet, this collection of lunch recipes highlights the diversity of simple meals that you can make that follow the no meat, eggs or dairy requirements of vegan diets. 

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Keywords: Vegan Diet, vegetarian diet, vegan recipes, detox, weight loss, ketogenic diet, low carb recipes

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Sample text:

I know that you’ve come across the word vegan before but do you really understand what vegan means and how it differs from vegetarian? If you are a complete beginner in the world of dieting, what you think is vegan could probably be vegetarian and what you think is vegetarian could probably be vegan. So to avoid the confusion, let’s take a quick look at these two so that we are on the same page as we go on with the rest of the book.

Who are vegetarians? Vegetarians don’t eat poultry, fish, and meat.

And who are vegans? Vegans, in addition to being vegetarian, don’t usually use several other animal products like eggs, soaps made using animal products, cosmetics, wool, silk, fur, leather, honey, and dairy products. Instead, they use products made from plants. In this case, their diet contains grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and other foods made from plants.

So, why would someone think of embracing a vegan diet when animal products are considered more delicious and high in essential proteins? Let me give you a few reasons as to why you ought to consider this diet.

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