Productivity: How to Build Lasting Habits for a Successful Life by Larry Morris

(35b) How to Build Lasting Habits for a Successful Life

Productivity: how to build lasting habits for a successful life


Ever wonder why you can't get everything on your todo list completed? Do you ever feel as if you don't have enough hours in the day to get everything completed? This book will show you how to increase and maximize your productivity in the office and at home.

This book offers help in working through the many reasons for lack of productivity. By trying the tips in this book, you can increase your productivity and find your day at work goes well accomplishing much more.

You may have been paying too much attention to what’s going on in your head and perhaps it is the reason why you are unhappy and have achieved nothing. It has cost you friendships, opportunities, relationships and has made you a slave to what you think is right or wrong. Instead of the most powerful organ in the body helping you gain useful insights, it has made you blind.

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Sample text:

Are you one of those people with an incredibly detailed and increasingly long to-do list, or worse yet, someone without a to-do list at all? These lists play a big role in how much we are able to accomplish and what we are able to get done. You may be wondering why I placed having a long to-do list right alongside not even having a to-do list. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, a long to-do list has a tendency of causing people to develop anxiety and stress. They become overwhelmed with just how much they have to accomplish. This stress makes them more prone to procrastination and a slow work process.

Secondly, when you have a long list of both important matters and items of only a little importance, then you will likely be completing many slightly important matters rather than the items of most import. While this is not exactly a waste of time, it is an inefficient use of time which keeps you from attaining your goal.

A century ago, one of the wealthiest men in the world was Charles M. Schwab. He made his name by being the CEO of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, 

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