Positive Thinking: Positive Thinking to Achieve Your Goals and Overcome Fear and Optimism by Barbara Hubbard

(37) Positive Thinking to Achieve Your Goals and Overcome Fear and Optimism

Positive thinking: positive thinking to achieve your goals and overcome fear and optimism


The secret of your success lies within your mind and that is precisely what you will find in this very inspirational guide that from now on will be your favorite resource when it comes to books about positive thinking. 

Most of the tips in the book are about developing good habits. You will develop habits that will help to lift your moods and change your perspective and attitude towards life. With careful planning you can turn your thinking around, much like stopping bad habits. It does take time and patience with yourself. Soon you will learn how to recognize those negative thoughts and will replace them with positive thoughts.

Weaving short stories from her own life and observations, author Adrienne Hew teaches us about the universal stumbling blocks that can keep us from being successful. The end of each chapter contains easy-to-grasp exercises to help turn around negative behaviors so we can make the most positive impact on our futures.

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Genre: SELF-HELP / General

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The earlier you get professional help the better, you will save yourself from the internal mental damage you have done to yourself. Whatever you are going through somebody has passed through same issues. What are your fears? Do not wait till it gets worst before you get a therapist guide to help you. Don’t let negative thinking rob you of your happiness. Many marriages are not working because of negative thinking pattern of the couples, fix your life to enjoy your life, don’t let old trauma ruin your happiness the future is very bright. Stop suppressing your emotional problems with drugs; time will come when those drugs will not be sufficient they are a temporary cure, dig deep into the cause of your problem. Forgive yourself and worry less. Always remember there are many people out there struggling to get to where you are in life, be kind to yourself.

Identifying your inner enemy is the beginning of wisdom. This self-talk, are you saying it to yourself or is it an internal critic?  In the previous chapter, we discussed how to write down your thoughts in a journal. Learn how to ask yourself an appropriate question. Always see a problem as an adventure. Ask a decisive question when you catch yourself in negative talk, For example when those “WHY” that is always keeping you on the negative talk, why I don’t have enough money? Why my health is deteriorating? And the why goes on and on in your head, instead, ask “WHAT” question, what can I do to earn more money? What can I do to improve my health? Re examine your questions. Use it as a metaphor to start educating yourself by altering the query.

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