Productivity: Proven Mindset Techniques to Build Confidence by Brad Loader

(72b) Proven Mindset Techniques to Build Confidence

Productivity: proven mindset techniques to build confidence


People who accomplish great things owe their successes not on luck, but on the sheer ability to control their desires and to keep themselves from being complacent with what they currently have. Successes and failures should not be grounded on fortune or the lack thereof because they are more tied to how we live through self-discipline.

Everything in these pages has been tested in the real world, I'm an entrepreneur, if I don't do the work, I don't put food on the table, so after some very stressing times that got me nowhere, I started a personal quest to discover how to maximize my productivity, how to do more in the best way possible.

Is your stress caused by pressure of being too busy and trying to fit too much into the day? Learn how to plan each day with time for work, other tasks and time for relaxation. Make time for exercise, leisure being with friends and holidays this is just as essential as spending time on business projects. 

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One of the biggest obstacles a teacher will ever face is time – there is ever enough of it to do what needs to be done. Hopefully these 10 tips will help you to manage your time as a teacher more effectively.

Keep your desk clear

If your desk is full of old papers, books, memos and other clutter, it will take you longer to find anything. Get yourself organised, clear everything away and find a home for it all. All that should be on your desk is what you need for that lesson – everything else should be stored wher it can easily be found again

Get rid of old school books

Sell them; donate them. A shelf that is packed with old reference books is difficult to navigate when you are looking for the more recent books. Clearing the shelf might only save you a few minutes but that’s a few minutes each time you need a book and that can add up over the course of time.

Make a to-do list

Every day.  To-do lists are the number time saver for anyone, not just teachers.  Write down everything you need to do that day, in order of priority and you will find you have more time to spend actually doing the tasks than you do scrabbling around looking for what you need. Either write it at the beginning of the day or at the end of the previous day to save even more time. What doesn’t get done should be at the top of the next day’s list

Use down-time wisely

Teachers always get a bit of downtime and if you add it all up, it comes to quite a chunk of time. If you have time between your classes, do other things like answering your emails, sort out assignments, even grade papers. You can do these things while you students are undergoing tests as well, rather than sitting there doing nothing.

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