Productivity: Proven Techniques to Increase Personal Productivity by Andrew Johnston

(24b) Proven Techniques to Increase Personal Productivity

Productivity: proven techniques to increase personal productivity


If you find it difficult to get things done you are most likely a chronic procrastinator. Chances are you have probably by now tried a bunch of things to defeat procrastination which have most likely not worked so far. The truth is you need to be forced to do the things you should be doing. And this is exactly what this book will be teaching you.

You can learn how to increase your productivity by following the tips, which has you doing something, changing your habits, or redirecting your thoughts. You will learn the things that cause the greatest distractions during the day. You will be armed with tips on how to work through these distractions to help you keep your focus on productivity. Many of the distractions are mindless reasons to pull your attention from your work.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Sample text:

Apart from fear of success, fears of failure also make people to continuously procrastinate on goals. People don’t want to feel like they’ve tried hard and failed. They don’t want to let others see them working hard and end up not making it, so they act like they don’t care, and involve in alternative activities to procrastinate on their primary goals. 

Evidently, success demands a great deal of effort. If you cannot put the required effort, failure might set in. But what if you tried your best and failed? 

So, to the procrastinating mind, the best way to avoid such failures is to quit attempting to work towards success. The person may postpone activities necessary to achieve success to the last minute so failure will not be felt or the bad feeling after failing will be reduced. Also, when you don’t feel like you are adequate enough to achieve a certain success, you tend to work less towards the activity. 

Sometimes, there may not be a plan for success; you must do it for doing sake. The feeling of justification by saying that you could do better if you had enough time only makes you procrastinate more next time. So, even when you get mediocre result, you will blame it on time instead of your inadequacy to get a higher grade or result.

People with fear of failure use procrastination to protect themselves from the actual feeling of failure. When you try hard and fail, that is failure. But if you don’t try too hard and fail or get an average result, you could condole yourself by saying you could’ve done it better if you had put much effort.

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