Positive Thinking: Master the Secret of Positive Thinking and Achieve Success for Life by Stephens Swart

(45) Master the Secret of Positive Thinking and Achieve Success for Life

Positive thinking: master the secret of positive thinking and achieve success for life


Positive thinking and meditation are a path to enlightenment. Properly practiced positive thinking leads to inner happiness, peace, health and good interpersonal relations. Positive thinking is a mental technique, that must be practiced wisely. It should not be misused to repress feelings or problems.

This guide will provide you with key concepts about health, visualization, affirmations, relationships and other important strategies to help you become more positive overall. Let this guide serve as a constant reference in your life as you look to increase your positivity, optimism and success

Positive thinking or optimism is a mental attitude or perspective wherein you approach unpleasant things and events in a productive and positive way. You always look forward to the best and not to the worst. Positive thinking allows us to look at the brighter side of things. Even when everything seems so wrong and impossible to fix, you have that mindset that you can get through these obstacles in one way or another.


If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Sample text:

Most cases of suicide in the world today originate from depression as their trigger. The high rate of depression in society is undoubtedly linked to negative thought patterns that were allowed to accumulate, dominate people’s thoughts, and over time influence their fundamental character. 

Owing to this, it will not be out of place to say that one of the best and most effective ways to develop a positive mentality, overcome depression, and live a happier life is to deal with the streams of negative thoughts running through your subconscious mind every moment of the day. 

How can you deal with these negative thoughts to build a positive mental attitude and live happily ever after? The best way to end the dominance of negative thoughts and quench that persistent voice that speaks nothing but negativity into your subconscious mind is not to get rid of everything that triggers negative thoughts and beliefs, but rather acknowledge them and simply move on. 

You may be asking why I’m talking about the triggers and not the negative thoughts themselves. Dealing with negative thoughts and self-talks has been extensively talked about in different fields by several psychologists, but at the end of the day, people who have used these strategies to deal with this mental problem have only achieved little positive results. This goes to prove that the problem is not with the thoughts, but with something that stems beneath them.

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