Productivity: Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Time, Increase Productivity by Cassidy Roth

(58b) Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Time, Increase Productivity

Productivity: most effective ways to manage your time, increase productivity


I was a failed entrepreneur for most of my life, someone who usually surfs the internet randomly, which turned out bad for my personal and business life. Dreams of fame and fortune were harbored, of the prestige of being a successful entrepreneur that everyone knew and respected.
None of that happened.

Imagine how your life would change if you are able to maximize your productivity, work less, accomplish more things and get things done in double-quick time? This is a life-skill that would help you get ahead in life.

Getting an organized home means gaining serenity and rest. But do you think that being organized is simply associated to obtaining an organized and clean home? Is the topic “being organized” limited to a specific idea, generally, acquiring to see cleanliness and order in a given space? 

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All humans have procrastinated in the past and will continue to procrastinate for the rest of their life. Motivation is the primary “tool” used to stop procrastination. No matter how much motivation one will acquire, it will not be effective long-term. Motivation only works sometimes, and for a limited amount of time. There are precisely six “inner demons” as I call them that trigger procrastination. We will take a “one pushup” as an analogy to demonstrate these causes.


The Perfectionist comes first in the list of inner demons. He wants everything to be done perfectly. The Perfectionist will not execute any actions or tasks unless he knows exactly the perfect way of executing it. The Perfectionist procrastinates because he does not have the knowledge to do a task perfectly. Taking the example of a pushup, The Perfectionist would ask himself “Do I put my hands on shoulder level… or are they wider? Should I have my back straight? Curved? I cannot do this because I do not know the perfect technique”.

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