Productivity: Tips to Organize and Improve Your Productivity by Angela Molnar

(113) Tips to Organize and Improve Your Productivity

Productivity: tips to organize and improve your productivity


This easily digestible book is the answer to overcoming your past procrastination tendencies. A variety of proven steps and strategies are discussed to develop effective and efficient time management skills, develop new task-oriented habits, create new thought patterns, and completely eliminate procrastination for good.

This book is going to help you allow you be charming and being loved by people around you. You will learn how to present better, prepare yourself for networking events and sell more products, and be productive.

You want to perform well and succeed in your racing or sports endeavors and you want to do well at work. You want to spend quality time with your family and your friends. You may have other personal goals you want to achieve, outside of racing and work.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management productivity, small business, time management system, procrastination, productivity

Word Count: 7814

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Sample text:

The right diet is the key. You need to have high blood sugar during your whole day so that you won't feel sleepy and unmotivated to work. I'd advice you to cut off sugar from your diet to avoid glucose crush. Also, bear in mind that it is unhealthy to eat 100% “clean”. It's wise to eat at least 80% clean and having a cheat meal from time to time to maintain balance. 
Make sure to get omega 3 supplement as well as a D3 vitamin. It's crucial to keep your energy high. Also expose yourself to the sun as much as you can. It's gonna improve your mood and increase energy. 
You also need to sleep enough. Research shows that unless we sleep at least 7 hours daily, our brain won't regenerate itself. Sleep is the only time your brain can recover. 
What are the negative effects of not getting enough sleep? 
Lack of alertness, impaired memory, having bad mood during the day and many others. All of those factors may cause you to work less efficiently so don't trade your sleep for work. It will cause more negative than positive effects. 
After sitting in one place for too long you will be feeling tired and bored. That's why you need to plan your day so that you change your work environment or make sure you put in your calendar some activities or even walking for 15 minutes to empty your mind and feel energized. 


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