Body Language: Proven Techniques to Analyze People Through Body Language by Forbes Goldman

(60b) Proven Techniques to Analyze People Through Body Language

Body language: proven techniques to analyze people through body language


In a world in which social affairs are frequently influenced by a variety of corruptions, the necessity of learning at least the basics of correctly analysing people arises. We believe in the necessity of emphasising on acquiring at least the basic psychological skills that enable the individual to correctly read the entities before them and avoid misjudgements and false assumptions.

Being able to read body language is a very important skill to have in today’s world. Not only will this ability help you with social ventures but also with business ones as well. Don’t pass up this great information. Read ahead and learn about micro expressions.

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Keywords: Psychology, personality, relationship, body language, body language secrets, body languagetraining, how to analyze people, Communication.communication skills

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Sample text:

In the last chapter we discovered that the hands, by themselves, can reveal a lot about what someone is thinking or feeling.  The evolution of our society over the centuries has conditioned us to be less outwardly expressive, especially with things that may cause offense.  So instead we keep our real thoughts to ourselves and tell little white lies.  How many of us have lied when our friend asks if a particular outfit makes their bottom look big?  Our subconscious is a bit more ‘hard-wired’; it sees facts as facts and is rigid in its beliefs.  If a bottom looks big, it looks big, end of story.  So because the conscious suppresses the subconscious message, the subconscious is forced to express the truth in a different way, bodily.

When we were children we didn’t have the social inhibitions we have as an adult.  Hence when a child hears something he or she doesn’t want to hear, like “It’s bedtime!”, then they’ll instinctively cover their ears.  If the child sees something they don’t like, they’ll cover their eyes.  Interestingly after telling a lie a child will often cover their mouth, indicating something escaped that shouldn’t have, a lie!

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