Make money online: An Easy-To-Follow Guide on How to Make Money Online by Charles Arroyo

(216b) An Easy-To-Follow Guide on How to Make Money Online

Make money online: an easy-to-follow guide on how to make money online


This e-book provides up-to-date links to 100 of the top websites for finding work or selling products and services. A must-have guide for writers, web designers, graphic artists, crafters, programmers and other self-employed talent.

Following this eight keys found in this e-book, I guarantee that it will change your life forever, those dreams of earning six figure income online will never be dream anymore, it will become reality.

I realized that many people need to know the Secret Code to making money online but no one really details the steps that can be implemented. After careful research and experience this book defines what no one is willing is to tell you so that you can achieve your dream of having a successful online business. You will do well to get this book that shows what you need to make money online.

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Sales info:

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Sample text:

In exchange for a few posts on Google +1, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, you could earn a smashing retainer every month. Most businesses are dumbfounded when it comes to Social Media networking and will pay a bubbly, accurate, and creative young mind to handle the accounts on their behalf. 


There are websites that pay you for tweeting like Pay Per Tweet, and sites willing to pay you for liking Facebook pages. Do your homework and approach a few small businesses with the idea to become their Brand ambassador and take over their social media endeavours. The Holy Grail for most marketers is the 'early adopter' and 'trend-setter'. 


If you already have a large pool of friends, you can easily leverage your sway in the community by promoting products, or directing friends to offers, discounts, news, and reviews. It's a fine line between respecting your audience and monetizing, but with a little research, you could be one of 'those' people who get paid to play on Facebook all day. Contact brands and businesses you already like and follow them. Retweet their posts, make positive comments, and get active. 


The secret to becoming a Social Media Celebrity is treating your base of followers to interesting things and linking it to a product that you can earn from. 

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