Productivity: How To Effectively Manage Your Time, Boost Productivity by Simone Caliri

(101b) How To Effectively Manage Your Time, Boost Productivity

Productivity: how to effectively manage your time, boost productivity


Master time management and rescue your life from drudgery!
Time management is a grossly mislead concept. Instead of living each day in tension, anxiety and frustration of unfinished and ill managed work, you can take control of your life for good.

A poor understanding and implementation of time management will leave you stuck in the small leagues forever. Instead, take control of your time and use the ten easy to follow steps in this book to race ahead of the competition towards your dreams.

Everyone aims at performing to the best of their abilities at work or at home. But it’s not easy to pinpoint factors which might be holding you back. With the help of this eBook, you can discover the secret to being productive. Moreover, the dual challenge of being productive at work and being productive at home can often be a pressure many women have to face.

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Sample text:

It is a part of our life that we have a load of emails that will come in throughout the day. If you stop and read every email that comes in, then you will quickly find yourself spending the entire day reading useless emails that you could read at another time of your day or even another day of the week.

Sort your emails automatically by forwarding the business related emails to a program that you can use to keep track of the important emails. This helps to eliminate the useless emails that are not as important in the day to day business dealings that a person will need to do.

If email is a major part of your business dealings you may need to take other steps in ignoring this distraction. One way to not completely ignore your email everyday but put it aside to do other things is to pick a time in the morning and a time in the afternoon to read and respond to important correspondences. This will allow you to free up the remaining part of your day to focus solely on the important tasks that you are trying to accomplish.

If you feel that you really cannot ignore all emails for 3 – 4 hours at a time, you can check them more often, just not every five minutes. You can pick a specific part of the hour, like the first 5 minutes, to check the emails you received in the last hour. This is a time to scan all the emails you received and only respond to ones that are truly high importance.

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