Meditation: Beginners Guide To Achieve Zen State And Relieve Yourself of Stress (Mindfulness Life) by Cecile Smith

Beginners Guide To Achieve Zen State And Relieve Yourself of Stress (Mindfulness Life)

Meditation: beginners guide to achieve zen state and relieve yourself of stress (mindfulness life)


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to help cope with the overwhelming pace of modern life. You only need to practice for a few minutes every day; it costs nothing and can produce tangible benefits to your emotional balance. On occasion, everyone seeks that deep inner relaxation or finds themselves just a little too stressed. Similarly, many people suffer from anxieties – work, finances, health, family, social situations and more. 

This book is in a nutshell the most complete, practical and modern guide a person can read today on meditation. It contains all the steps necessary beautifully combined with lots of pictures and illustrations in order to get you started on the wonderful world of meditation. As you are going to find out by reading this book, through the practice of meditation, you will be able to lower your stress levels, lose weight, become fitter and improve the overall level of your living conditions.

This book will provide a lot of details on what is meditation, why is it important to practice it, how to be a meditation practitioner, in what aspects of your life you are going to see major improvement and how to stay on track in order to achieve your goals as fast as possible.

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Sample text:

Meditation has been a practice in many different cultures for centuries and has been practiced by millions of people. As a result, it should not come as any surprise that there are many different types of meditation and ways to achieve a meditative state.

Whilst this does make customizing your own meditations to suit you, it can also be extremely confusing when you are just starting out.

All meditation really is, is a deep state of concentration. You concentrate on an object or a word or even your breathe and exclude all other thoughts. It is best to start out by concentrating on something as this makes it easier to still the mind overall. Start off by concentrating on something initially and, as you become more accomplished, you can switch over to meditating on more intangible things – such as a picture in your mind’s eye as opposed to a physical thing or word.

When I started meditating initially, it was hard for me to keep a lid on my thoughts – I tried to keep my mind clear but, honestly, that was beyond me at that stage. In this chapter, I will first teach you how to prepare for your first few meditations.

In the first few meditations, I just want you to concentrate on your breathing and not to worry too much about chanting or anything else.

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