Positive Thinking: 300 Daily Affirmations Change for Life by Mihaly Gordon

(15) 300 Daily Affirmations Change for Life

Positive thinking: 300 daily affirmations change for life


Harboring negative attitudes has negative consequences on virtually all areas of your life. You feel demotivated, unhappy, which can lead onto a spiral of negative consequences that can go as far as making you clinically depressed. You become a burden to friends, family and anyone who surrounds you - or who did surround you before you became a negative pain in the ass. But it doesn't have to be this way! Thinking positive is a skill that can be easily be thought, and with the right discipline, can be applied to influence all areas of your life, all the time. 

You may have picked up this book because you wanted some daily inspiration or you may have been led here after reading my other book, “Positive Thinking Positive Life: The Mindset”. Either way, this book of positive quotes is here to inspire you and can be used as a continuation of your decision to create and sustain a positive mindset to help you get ahead in life, whether that is relationships, business or personal development reasons.

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Sample text:

After you are failed by someone you trust and the immediate emotion of anger, betrayer, and disappointment has passed, you are given two choices. One is to forgive the person and move on, the other one is to never trust that person again.


Think about the following two scenario and see if you have ever experienced it in the past. You were working diligently towards a goal, you tried everything you can and just when you were about to reach your goal someone you were counting on failed you, not on purpose, nevertheless failed you. What would be on your mind? I bet you weren’t going to let it go easily. Maybe you won’t say anything harsh to that person but you hold the grudge. You contribute your failure to him. As a result you were not as motivated to achieve your goal the second time because it failed the first time when you tried due to factors over which you think you don’t have any controls over. 


What if you failed yourself? In the second scenario you were the only reason that you failed. Unlike in the first scenario I bet you would try even harder than the first time because you know that you were getting so close and if you tried harder it will be more likely to succeed.


In order to forgive, we must first know what forgive is. Forgiving is first and foremost accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to live in a state of resolution with it. Forgiving can be a long process but eventually it’s not something you do for the other person, it’s something you do for yourself.

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