Make Money online: Start Your First Online Business by Marcus McGuire

( 213b) Start Your First Online Business

Make money online: start your first online business

( 213b)

Many people post their stuff online for free but some people make a living at it. In order to earn money through your creative work, you have to find the right niche then work very hard both at constantly creating new product that people want to see and you have to constantly market yourself and your “brand” or whatever it is you do. 

If you wish to build a career around writing, then this book is perfect for you. With the tips shared in this compendium, coupled with your hard work, perseverance, and dedication, you can definitely build a future around this craft. Don’t stop writing. There are many challenges ahead.


The key is to write quality articles even on an SEO content writing which should always be the top priority of every article. Various Online Sources.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: affiliate marketing, how to get rich, make money online, passive income, stock market, investing, real estate, internet marketing, affiliate marketing secrets

Word Count: 8111

Sales info:

Recently we ran a promo and were able to make 1500 sales during the promotion period. Though all sales were free downloads but it signifies that the topic has potential and is capable of making money. Paid downloads vary between 40 to 60 per month.



Minimum estimate - 30 Paid Downloads * $3.00 * 70% = $63 per month

Maximum but not limited to - 60 Paid Downloads * $3.00 * 70% = $126 per month

Annual Earnings per book - Minimum Estimate - $63 * 12 = $756 per year.

Annual Earnings per book - Max but not limited to Estimate - $126 * 12 = $1512 per year.


Please Note - This is just one book. I have over 1000+ books in my arsenal. If one book can do this much imagine how much even 10 books could do for you. Just stay committed with our business model and I assure you that we all will make money!! Lot of it!!

Sample text:

.  These all rely on sales to make you a percentage of the amount you sell.  They used to be called MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), but due to the stigma behind the term, they have rebranded themselves as Direct Marketing, and there are a lot more out there.  How do they work?

First, you find someone in your area that you know sells them, or you can go online.  These companies will require a membership fee to get you started and a small investment in products and literature.  They will also offer you your own website for a monthly fee.  They will give you advice on how sell your products, and then how to make more money besides selling your products, recruiting. 

Recruiting is where you sell others on the products you offer to the point where they want to sell them as well.  You get them sign them up under you, and you get a percentage of what they sell, giving you a bigger check.  This is your down-line, and something you have to maintain to keep up your revenue.  Now, you not only have products to sell, you have people under you that you have to manage as well.  

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