Productivity: Ultimate Strategies for Self-Discipline, Productivity, Organization by Paul Belde

(36b) Ultimate Strategies for Self-Discipline, Productivity, Organization

Productivity: ultimate strategies for self-discipline, productivity, organization


The Procrastination Success Formula is the only guide you need to go through that process so you can regain focus, get back control of your time and energy, mastering difficult tasks and make sure you’re working only on the things that take you closer to your goals. You’ll learn how to remove the biggest distractions in your life, embrace mindfulness and positivity and use them as a means to live a more productive lifestyle. 

Do you find it hard to concentrate and be highly productive because of negative habits that have developed over the years? Do you long for the days when you’ll be the best and most productive version of yourself that you can be? Do you finally want to take control of your life and make habits work for you?

There's one big difference between mediocre and successful companies. That difference is employee motivation. This book touches upon motivational theory briefly, but focuses on real-world solutions that work. Learn what your competitors know that you don't and start motivating employees today.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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An important thing to think of while considering how much time to set aside for each task is The Principle of Least Effort. This principle, introduced by Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923), is also known as the  Rule.

The 80-20 Rule states that 80-percent of output is produced by 20-percent of input, or similarly, 80-percent of outcomes are produced by 20-percent of causes. In other words,

This can come in handy when planning out the time and effort required for tasks by recognizing the 20-percent of tools that will be used most during the task and having them close to hand. Convexly, 80-percent of our time is spent on results that aren't nearly as significant in the long run.

The rule can also help by identifying the peak times of the day where you accomplish the most (your 20-percent most effective period) and aiming to get 80-percent of your success from those hours of the day.

Finally, this comes in handy when delegation is necessary to get more work done faster. If you recognize the individuals who are most effective for specific tasks, delegating 20-percent to that person or group means 80-percent more effectiveness because they are the most efficient person for the task.


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