Productivity: How to Get Things Done Smarter Better & Fast by Jaison Gordon

(59b) How to Get Things Done Smarter Better & Fast

Productivity: how to get things done smarter better & fast


 This book will lay out some very specific steps for you to implement and overcome procrastination. This book is perfect for individual or group settings. Steps that you are able to put to practice immediately upon reading this book. Looking to help a friend or co-worker, this book is perfect!

The way people might judge you and the way they see you has lots to do with being an organized individual. Being organized is having a sound mind and body. It also means a foretaste of a desirable life not engaged on too much worry. Being organized is one of the keys to living a healthy life.

As a leader your most important job is to attract, hire and retain people who fit, perform and stay. The future success and prosperity of your business depends on you doing this well and, better than your competitors.

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Apart from wasted time, procrastination can also have psychological effects. Two of the most common negative emotions are guilt and frustration. By feeling these emotions, you negatively impact your life. Let’s face it; no one is happy or satisfied when they are frustrated or guilty. Nothing good comes out from being frustrated or guilty. Sometimes, you feel guilty when you waste time on your distractions. You feel like you could have done something in that hour and you tell yourself “I will not waste that much time anymore”. Before you know it, you just waste another hour. This makes you feel bad, it is like a vicious cycle and you cannot stop it. You keep convincing and motivating yourself when you finished your “procrastination session” only to begin another session the day after and that makes you feel even worse. In accompany with guilt comes frustration. As mentioned before, it is a vicious cycle meaning that it also gets you frustrated.

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