Productivity: Change Your Life with Powerful Anti-Procrastination Habits by Jensen Short

(123b) Change Your Life with Powerful Anti-Procrastination Habits

Productivity: change your life with powerful anti-procrastination habits


This book contains basic and advanced ideas on how you can improve your productivity. It is designed to help you develop a strategy on how to work cleverly and less. This book contains theoretical and practical information to help you achieve your goals in life. 

 Learn how successful people cleverly use their time and energy to get ahead of the pack. Each successful person has his own system in managing his time and energy. It is time for you to develop your own.

 I need to show up for the big things and more importantly, the little things. I don't get the giant eye roll anymore when my cell phone rings because I don't need to work when I am supposed to be with my family! I got to that place by practicing the things in this book and working smarter, not harder. 

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management productivity, small business, time management system, procrastination

Word Count: 3717

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Sample text:

If you are not sure of something, never hesitate to ask for clarifications, it will help in your productivity. 

Back in school, students in our class were having issues with a particular topic, and in a week we were expecting a test. Everyone was studying hard, trying to understand that topic since we all assumed it will be what we would be tested on. A bold girl named Tracy was fed up of trying to cram, and walked up to the lecturer and asked plainly if we would be expecting anything from the topic giving the whole class issues. The lecturer was surprised and said he wasn’t going to test us on that area because he understood we had issues with it and wanted to take time to explain more after the test. When she came back to tell the class, many people didn’t believe her, they didn’t even bother asking, they called it a bluff and didn’t even consider taking the risk. 

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