Productivity: The Best Step to Get the Most Out of Yourself and Take Control of Your Life by George Trevor

(212b) The Best Step to Get the Most Out of Yourself and Take Control of Your Life

Productivity: the best step to get the most out of yourself  and take control of your life


This handy resource is filled with several actionable tips, secret techniques. and established strategies to help you maximize your time, work, efforts, relationships, and potential to be successful.

The power of productivity and being self-disciplined is what will determine your success, no matter what your goals are. So it’s important to master these attributes and clear your vision and purpose towards what you want to achieve.

 In this book you’ll learn what you need to get started, exercises to expand your vision, exercises to pick up speed, and different techniques you can use. You’ll even learn helpful habits and supplements that will help you reach your speed reading goals.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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This is another element of productivity. Identifying the phases of how you handle the daily activities is vital for high productivity. To realize high productivity, identify the times within the day when your level of concentration is at its peak and when you’re tired and lack concentration. Try to do most of the tasks when your level of concentration is at its peak. Complete the most important tasks during those times when your levels of concentration are high. 

There should be sessions when your focus is strictly on specific tasks. This are moments when you do away of all distractions and get to work on a given task consistently for about one hour or one and half without allowing any form of distraction or a phone call to distract you. The environment under which you work is another element that contributes to levels of productivity. When you work in an overcrowded and noisy environment; attaining the level of productivity as desired can be quite a challenge. A quiet environment without much distraction is important if one is to realize effectiveness in the tasks being executed. 


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