Time Management: 10 Simple steps to increase productivity by John Davis

What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Today?

Time management: 10 simple steps to increase productivity


There is perhaps no area of your life in which self-discipline is more important than in the way you manage your time. Time management is a core discipline that largely determines the quality of your life. There is one thing all successful people have in common, is they are good time managers and the reason they are good time managers is because they recognize The Time Management is really Life Management, Personal Management, management of yourself rather than of time or circumstances. Successful people winners use their time well, losers do not.

All of us have goals or things we would like to get done fast, but many of us aren’t productive enough to actually achieve that. Do you wish that you made more meaningful use of your time instead of just wasting it? Do you wish to complete all your chores lined up for the day so you could enjoy a sense of accomplishment? Do you wish you could achieve every goal you set for yourself? If yes, it is important for you to increase your productivity.

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Time Is Money. Unfortunately, very few of us understand the magnitude of this phrase. Even more unfortunate is that as children grow up, the importance of time and how we utilize it is not something very many parents teach their children.

In fact, as children, the passage of time is not something we pay much attention to; in our haste to be ‘grown up,’ we yearn for the days to pass by faster, for the holidays and birthdays to approach quicker so we can get the gifts they bring and engage in their festivities.

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