Productivity: Increase Your Productivity and Succeed in Life by Deborah Banasijan

(68b) Increase Your Productivity and Succeed in Life

Productivity: increase your productivity and succeed in life


The health and well-being of people of working age are of fundamental importance to the future of work and organizational productivity globally. Growing evidence suggests that employee well-being at work can help improve physical and mental health, reduce health inequalities and offer improved opportunities for engagement, wellness at work, and productivity.

This book approaches leadership as a process of dealing with people. With the topics discussed in this book, you will learn how you can maximize engagement from your followers.  

You will learn how you can boost their motivation and focus in order to meet short-term and long-term goals. You will be able to push them to work for the goals of the organization without ruining your relationships and burning bridges. 

This busy world that we live in can make it difficult for us to be productive but if you are able to hack your productivity, you will get more done than you could ever possibly imagine.

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Another reason for laziness is having too many things going on that divert a person's focus and attention on a specific subject or activity, especially if the distractions are more pleasurable than what needs to be done or focused on. In that case, the person will most probably lose interest in doing those things that need to be done.  When this happens, diverting his or her attention and time on distractions is the most likely outcome.


Why are so many people so distracted to the point that they become lazy enough not to do what needs to be done like studying, working on an important project, or running an errand?  I believe there are 2 main factors for this:  lack of planning and not being proactive.  Allow me to elaborate.


While it sounds cliché already, failing to plan is indeed planning to fail especially when it comes to winning your battles vs. distractions and, ultimately, the temptation to be lazy.  So what does it mean to plan ahead to manage or even eliminate distractions?  


The first aspect of planning against distractions is to anticipate the usual distractions that you encounter.  Chances are, 4 of your biggest distractions at work or in school include text messages, phone calls, email and social media.  And depending on your personal circumstances, it may include other things like your kids, your subordinates or even your spouse.  


After identifying and anticipating your most likely distractions, think of ways to silence them and implement those ways.  If you want a very detailed and practical approach to getting really focused, I highly recommend Cal Newport's excellent book Deep Work.  

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