Body Language: Successful Guide to Human Psychology, Body Language by Maxwell Louise

(57b) Successful Guide to Human Psychology, Body Language

Body language: successful guide to human psychology, body language


All dog owners have been in the position where you just can’t understand why your dog is being naughty, lazy or aggressive. If only they could talk. Dogs do have a language however, and once you can read the signs you can understand your dog and give him what he wants and needs.

Many times when you feel an irresistible attraction towards a man or a woman and you want to express it, words fail you and you are tongue-tied. On such occasions, you need to rely on your body language to convey the message. Using this innate potential to one’s advantage to entice that “one” person, is a difficult proposition to many.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to become popular with people in no time and no longer have any fear or low confidence that you know are going to make you single and lonely. More than that, you won't feel the guilt, self-pity and depression after reading this book and be able to feel happy and naturally confident

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Verbal communication is just as important as nonverbal communication. People who are excited don’t tell a story with the same inflections and attitude as someone who is sad. Someone who is depressed doesn’t use the same verbiage as someone who is happy. Sometimes even simple phrases can give away who someone has been around, and the type of influence that person has had.

Let’s assume that you have the nonverbal communication analyzation techniques mastered. Hopefully you have gotten pretty good at these techniques. You now understand how to tailor your communication style to someone, or even lead the conversation, in order to get them to open up about something private. Now comes the time where you begin analyzing how someone responds to you.

Because verbal answers are just as important as nonverbal cues.

The first thing to consider is how they sound when they are answering. If their answers are short, clipped, murmured, or even yelled, you can draw a basic assumption that they are upset. You don’t understand what range of “upset” they are, but you know the mood is negative. That’s a start. On the other side, if someone’s voice is light, airy, or has a “chipper” tone to it, you can draw the basic assumption that the mood is positive.

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