Productivity: Productivity to Achieve Success and Great Result by Padilla Susan

(122b) Productivity to Achieve Success and Great Result

Productivity: productivity to achieve success and great result


This book tells you about these in as simple a way as possible. It does so in an inspiring way making you realize that by tapping into your subconscious you can do many things with your habits.This book is written for the layperson, not for someone seeking a textbook. I believe that it is very informative and has many useful ideas for you to put into practice immediately.

This book will also help you understand why people procrastinate so that you can identify your personal reasons for living an unproductive life. Then you will learn how to create and implement a plan of action that will gradually wrench you away from procrastination. This won’t be an easy or overnight process, but if you stick with it, your rewards will be great.

It will be your guide, your step-by-step map, and your blueprint for success. We wrote this to make it ultra simple and effortless to read. It's all meat and no potatoes. Only what you need to take action immediately. 

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management productivity, time management system, procrastination, productivity

Word Count: 11827

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Sample text:

I spent time doing things I felt were not necessary earlier, but that act alone made my day more productive. As stated earlier, the approach you will find in this book might be quite different from what other life coaches will say to you, but if you follow through, you will be amazed at how better you will become at doing things. The first step for proper time management is for you to learn the art of being an early riser. I got accustomed to this because of the songs of the birds in my hotel room, my friend from China got accustomed to it because he was nurtured to be an early riser by his parents. Some business people I know are aided by technology through the alarm system. Whatever works for you, as long as it constantly aids you in becoming an early riser is fine. In truth, we are no novice when it comes to using the alarm, but we only set it on time, and not in time. 

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