Productivity: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Boost Your Productivity by Daniel Tetzlaff

(43b) A Beginner’s Guide On How To Boost Your Productivity

Productivity: a beginner’s guide on how to boost your productivity


 The good news is that there is, but it doesn’t actually have to be as hard as you think. I can teach you to work at a level that’s comfortable for you and feel good about what you achieve. Yes, you will achieve ten times more than you do now if you follow the actionable steps within this book.

Easy-to-read and comprehensive, this life-changing book will help you redefine motivation, prioritize, manage wisely your time and embark with confidence on career or studies activities that will definitely be met with success!

If you struggle with self-doubt and lack motivation and energy to take steps forward, then this is the book for you. You are about to learn that success is not so difficult to obtain, and that the solutions to your problems are actually within you already. All you need to do is to play the right mind games to unleash your full potential. 

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Sample text:

Measure your progress and celebrate your results.’ This is a quote lifted from Tony Robins’ website, from an article in which he is listing the best ways to be productive. It’s a tip that I can’t emphasize enough and the reason that it’s such a vital step in this book.


Tony Robins goes on to claim that by rewarding yourself after doing a task (one of your goals) you are letting your brain know that you have just done a good thing. Over time this endorphin rush will come to be associated with the completing of tasks and goals. Remember earlier when I spoke about making productivity a necessity in your life? This step couldn’t be more about that.


You are literally creating pleasure in the brain at the mere thought of completing goals. And, as your brain naturally gravitates toward pleasure, this will help you stay focused and productive.


Burning Out


This is something that you need to be careful of and the number one reason why you should adhere to this step and its overall importance. The possibility of burning out is huge when it comes to being productive. This is especially true of people who are just starting out. They find a nice flow, relishing how much they are achieving as their goals come and go with ease.  Brimming with false confidence, they try and take on more and more. Before they know it, they've become swamped in goals, creating an overload in work and eventual burnout.

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