Meditation: Simple Meditation Techniques To Stay Healthy And Happy (Life Without Anxiety) by Aymee Ledoux

Simple Meditation Techniques To Stay Healthy And Happy (Life Without Anxiety)

Meditation: simple meditation techniques to stay healthy and happy (life without anxiety)


In that moment when you are able to meditate, you allow your mind to reach to new heights. You may have experienced something like meditation and not been aware of the similarity although this book will explain that, so that you recognize when you are gaining from your practice, instead of feeling that you are not learning in the early stages of meditation. The trick is to accept your state, rather than try and change it. You will understand more about that as I walk you through the steps that take you into meditation and a better understanding of self.

People use mediation for several reasons - to enhance health, reduce stress, and eliminate fears or simply to achieve a more peaceful and happier life. This is an ancient practice that originally helped people over the years by heightening spirituality.
But now, people can mediate and be able to achieve more satisfying sleep or make better decisions. However, the art of meditation can be a bit challenging as you need to totally free yourself to become successful in it. Understanding it may be easier when in words – the actual implementation will surprise you.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Sample text:

In addition to breathing meditation, there are several visualization-based meditations that can cause you to relax. One popular visual based meditation is ‘progressive muscle relaxation’ where, as the name suggests, you progressively relax your muscles.


For this practice, start with a breathing meditation for a moment or two. Then, focus on all the sensation and feelings in your right foot. Allow yourself to pause and allow your concentration to deepen on that area – you should gain an awareness of all the small stimuli and feelings of the foot that do not normally enter your awareness.


Next, start to move upwards from your right foot, to your ankle and calves and repeat the process. After this, gradually work upwards from the right side of your body, progressing through every body part to the crown of the head. Once you have reached the crown of the head, repeat the process down the left side of your body, all the way back down to your left foot.


There is no designated amount of time you need to pause at each area – determine what feels right for you and move onwards. This type of meditation can be practiced for just a minute to defuse momentary stress, or you can go through the meditation slower as a more formal exercise.


Similarly, the more often you practice progressive muscle relaxation and the more skill you acquire with this particular type of meditation, the easier it is to focus on more minute body parts. For example, with a little experience, instead of focusing on the entire foot, you can focus on each toe, one at a time.


Afterwards you can focus on the sole and the arch, the heel and the bridge of the foot. Going into smaller sections can lead to an even richer level of relaxation and leads to your entire body feeling stronger and more energized.


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