Productivity: The Most Powerful and Proven Strategies to Stop Chasing Your Tail & Catch Red Dot by Vaclav Morrisey

(10b) The Most Powerful and Proven Strategies to Stop Chasing Your Tail & Catch Red Dot

Productivity: the most powerful and proven strategies to stop chasing your tail & catch red dot


This step-by-step process will reveal the scientifically proven mental hacks that you can easily run through any time, anywhere you want to get work done.  

You will learn to take a series of actions that helps to boost productivity which will increase your chances of success without subjecting your emotions and health to a rollercoaster of disappointments and fear of failures. You will be able to lead a better quality of life in return and make progression in your personal and professional aspects of life.

A life hack refers to any skill, shortcut, or ingenious trick that increases productivity and efficiency in any area of life. This is one of the most valuable lifehack books on the market. You may want to consider buying the print edition for an even easier portable reference that you can go back to time and again while you hack your life! In addition.

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Language: English

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Sample text:

Evening morning, U.S. founding father (and man-on-the-hundred-dollar-bill) Benjamin Franklin asked himself a question, which he called his “morning question”. Franklin’s morning question was simple: “What good shall I do this day?”


Then, of an evening, he’d asked himself what he called his “evening question”: “What good have I done today?”


These two questions, despite their simplicity, are indicative of someone who lives his life in a purposeful manner.


Just as having a morning routine can be the difference between having a great day every day or just having a great day every now and then, so too can an evening routine be the difference between having a poor night’s rest or fully recharging each night, ready to kick ass the next day.


An evening ritual can be the key to getting a night of stress-free rest, enabling you to jump-start the next day.


An evening ritual also empowers you to slot in additional life-improving habits, such as reading, journaling, meditating, reviewing goals, or any other powerful habits you may want to incorporate into your life.


Finally, an evening ritual can also be the key to getting a good night’s rest. As your evening ritual become habit, your mind will become conditioned to be ready for rest (much like the mouth’s of Pavlov’s dogs released saliva at the sound of bells, the sound of which their brains had learned to associate with food). No longer will you endure sleepless nights or take an unnaturally long time to fall asleep. Furthermore, an increase in the quality and quantity of sleep will, of course, lead to you being happier, smarter, more productive and more energized.

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