Productivity: Proven Business Ideas for Life Changing Focus by Angela Turner

(37b) Proven Business Ideas for Life Changing Focus

Productivity: proven business ideas for life changing focus


Focus is the most essential factor that will decide whether your dreams become a reality or not. According to what your dreams are, there are a lot of waters to cross. Quite a few hurdles look quite formidable, and plenty of folks give up at the first sign of a setback. Focus helps you put your act together. It helps you mobilize your resources and channel them in one direction. That way, you make progress consistently in the direction of your goal or milestones.

We live in a workaholic world where everyone of us is pushed to the limit, everyone is required to always do more, and more is never enough. If you focus on mere amount of work instead of its effectiveness, you are creating with your own hands the stressful and self-destructive environment you are experiencing now.

In the modern world of today with its attendant abundance of information, traditional time management skills just don't cut it anymore. Between the email inboxes full to bursting, ever-expanding to-do list, endless meetings that always seem to go nowhere, it's enough to drive a person insane.

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Sample text:

Is there even a need to justify why Arnold is on this list? Born in a small Austrian town, Arnold Schwarzenegger set his sights on being the youngest Mr Olympia in the world. With this achieved he went on to win the title another six times. From here he decided to tackle Hollywood; an industry that he soon came to dominate. But even this wasn’t enough. He’s now the governor of the richest state in America, California. Arnie’s success knows no bounds.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tip


Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that the number one thing a person needs to do to achieve is to set themselves goals. His first goal was to win Mr Olympia. With this goal in mind he set about doing everything he could to achieve said goal. When this goal was reached, he set himself a new one, to conquer Hollywood. And so it went. It gave him direction and purpose. With every goal set, Arnie had a new reason to get out of bed in the morning.


Types of Goals


Setting yourself a goal isn’t as simple as it sounds. The common mistake is making the goals to vague. ‘To succeed,' isn't a goal. It's vague and messy. Now, ‘to get a promotion at work,' is a solid goal. It's tangible. You will need to think along these lines when setting your goals.


Next, in the interest of keeping your goals clear, we need to divide them into two categories. These are long and short term goals.

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