Positive Thinking: How to Change Your Depression into Happiness and to Overcome Negativity by Katie Kempton

(30) How to Change Your Depression into Happiness and to Overcome Negativity

Positive thinking: how to change your depression into happiness and to overcome negativity


Everyone deals with depression at some point in their life, but very few people know WHY they feel the way they do. The truth is that habitual ways of thinking cause many of us to sabotage ourselves. If we only knew how powerful we were, we would never think a negative thought ever again. This book is an attempt to reveal to you that power that lies dormant within so many of us.

As a result, you will feel lighter and happier. Positive thinking makes a big difference, and this book will teach you just how to start making changes.

There is a lot of power inside you. Most human beings have more potential than they are or will ever be aware of. You may be aware of your potential but still never seem to be able to actualize it. There are different factors that you can apply to be able to fully realize your potential. The book is not a promise of instant success.

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Sample text:

A positive attitude will be the one to awaken your happiness. Many people associate happiness with riches but what they do not know is that happens is derived from one’s attitude. This is because happiness comes from deep within you and not from what is on the outside. When you are always thinking of how good things are and how good they ought to be, you can be sure that you will be a happy person. On the other hand negative thoughts will always make you sulky and unhappy.

Good health is what is required by every person for people to enjoy a longer life. Positive thinking brings more energy and good health to people. Now that you see many possibilities in life, you become more energized to try out as many as you can, if not all of them. Positive people are also happier and this helps reduce stress and anxiety, which affects the health of many people in this life. That is why health experts are always sure that one’s health can get better if they change the way that they think and feel. Our thinking has great effects on your body and general health. When you think positively, you will be able to deal with some of the things that affect your health and your immune systems gets better. You can even get better faster if you are already feeling sick.


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