Positive Thinking: Positive Thinking for Happiness & Success in Your Life by Tiffany Kerpen

(46) Positive Thinking for Happiness & Success in Your Life

Positive thinking: positive thinking for happiness & success in your life


Positive thinking or optimism is a mental attitude or perspective wherein you approach unpleasant things and events in a productive and positive way. You always look forward to the best and not to the worst. Positive thinking allows us to look at the brighter side of things. Even when everything seems so wrong and impossible to fix, you have that mindset that you can get through these obstacles in one way or another.

The concept of positivity is so much more than just being happy all the time and plastering a smile on your face. Real positivity is a powerful force that can dramatically alter your life course and change the outcome of events for the better. People who make an effort to look for the good in the world tend to lead much happier and more fulfilling lives than those who don't, even when faced with unfortunate circumstances. There are tons of other benefits to having a positive attitude, including improved health, increased productivity, and more rewarding relationships, just to name a few. 

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Sample text:

Positive thinking is your mental and emotional attitude focusing on the bright side of life and expecting the results/goal you want to achieve.

In reality, it ought to be understood that positive thinking does not mean ‘’positive thinking” in relation to polarity. Nor does it mean the moral judgment of positive and negative. Its meaning is in terms of what you are trying to achieve. Think keeping the eyes on the reward. Not just any reward but one that motivates on more than an instant gratification level.

 Positive thinking is a mental mindset that enables you look at life as it is. It is the true meaning of reality. It enables distinguishing what is and what is not relevant in any given moment. It’s the big picture of life.

Setting out to achieve anything in life is a process. We usually give ourselves a given period of time usually to achieve the goal. Usually a year, then we assess if we achieved it or not (that’s if we remember to assess it anyways). Forgetting that achieving a goal is not one grand occasion. It’s not a red carpet affair. This is even so with personal development goals. See it as a step at a time. A Clockwork. Second by the second. Minute by minute. Hour by hour. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. Year by year.

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