Productivity: Ways to Grow Your Business, Increase Your Productivity by Justin Bolton

(104b) Ways to Grow Your Business, Increase Your Productivity

Productivity: ways to grow your business, increase your productivity


The pleasure principle may be the main reason why procrastination occurs. Distractions are everywhere and you can’t escape from them. You have to take a lot of courage and self control in beating this chronic disease that makes you unproductive and lazy. Some researchers say that this bad habit can came from the feeling of anxiety and emotional failure wherein one can be irrational and loss his sense of productivity. 

Productivity isn't about accomplishing more, but instead about investing your time and attention in a more strategic way to add value to your life, relationships, and career. The only way you’re going to change and improve your productivity is if you take the necessary steps to eliminate the reasons why you may be suffering from a lack of productivity.

These chronic procrastinations delayed, hide and slacked us from doing our work. We keep on staying on the loop and repeating this routine over and over. It’s really not a good habit because it hindered us from achieving success and great things in life. 

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Perfection is a fantasy, a thing of the imagination. The closest thing to perfection is always widely subjective. Successful time managers do not get caught up with "perfection paralysis." Perfection paralysis is that familiar experience of wanting to make everything perfect, to the point where work is paused or postponed, eventually leading to zero or minimal accomplishment.

It is true that quality is more important than quantity, particularly in committing to certain tasks and in prioritization. Meanwhile, when it comes to doing the actual work, it is more productive to start acting and actually doing something that can lead to tangible results, rather than waiting for the "perfect" timing or the "right" motivation.

Getting caught up with perfection might cause you stagnation. It is better to start your work even if you think that what you will produce isn't the most perfect piece of work.

For instance, if you're a writer, one of your struggles is probably that experience that everybody calls "writer's block." Writer's block is more than a lack of inspiration; it's also a product of doubt and, sometimes, discouragement. Instead of listening to your inner critic and trying to avoid making any mistake, try your best to write, without initially looking at the technicalities such as grammar and structure. Those tasks are reserved for editing, which happens after writing. Instead of waiting to be struck by writing inspiration or motivation, just write whatever you can think of without paying attention to how perfect your writing seemingly is. Once you have something, it's far easier to edit and revise. This approach is also applicable to any other type of work.

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